Saturday, June 2, 2012

Update on my Hormonal Imbalance (Hypothyroidsm)

Here an update on my ever continuing battle of hormonal imbalance.

I went for my quarterly medical check-up on the first week of May and my doctor observed that I have gained weight which was a bad sign I suppose.  And as my doctor got my laboratory results back she found out that my hormones level were really crazy. It was too bad because my hormones level had improved before that was why I was now on a quarterly check-up schedule but now it seems something had gone wrong.

My doctored asked if I was not taking my medications because based from my lab results it was as if I was not taking my meds for about 2 weeks.  I told her that I was religiously taking my meds everyday and that I bought my medication for the whole quarter in bulk. She asked if I checked the expiry date on the medicine that I bought. And then Oh oh...  I totally neglected to check for the expiry date because I was buying it from a big pharmacy which I assume will not sell expired meds. My doctor advised me to always check for expiry dates especially for medicines. I may have been taking expired medicine for the past 3 months and that may have adverse effects on my body. My doctor then increased the doze of my medication to correct the hormonal imbalance and schedule me for a laboratory work and check-up this coming June 8.

During my check-up, my doctor asked me if I was feeling something wrong with my body just some observations.  Well I told her the following: (yup! I enumerated it all to her)

I told her that...

I was gaining weight when I did not change anything to my diet.
I always feel sleepy or tired especially every after meals.
I was breaking out every now and then.
My period was now on its regular cycle but it usually hurts especially on the 1st and 2nd day.

She explained to me that all the things that I was feeling are symptoms of hormonal imbalance. She told me that if I start feeling those things that I should know there is something wrong and I should not hesitate to visit the clinic. She also said that I should monitor my heart rate because when my heart rate is low that is when I usually feel sluggish and tired, she also advised me to get some exercise and to continually take my medicine. She said exercise and drinking a lot of water can help reduce the ache that I usually feel when I have period.

So lesson of the day... Always check expiry dates on medicines and always take notice of the things that you feel because its a sign that your hormones have gone crazy again.

Wish me luck on my next medical check-up! Stay healthy everyone.

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