Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Nanny/Auntie is going away!

I just got home from work and heard the news that my nanny/auntie since I was wee small is going away. She is going to work abroad I guess. Now I am now faced with the immediate problem of having to take care of myself. It is sad that a grown woman, well at least I think I am, is troubled of having no nanny. Well I just so happened that she was with us since I was about 5 years old and up to now she has never left us. I am already 25 but I have zero skills when it comes to house chores. I guess growing up with a full time nanny can be unfavorable because you can't really learn how to survive without depending on someone.

Since it is quite probable that she will leave us this coming October 2011, I made the list of the things that I love about my Auntie.

♥ Delicious home cooked meals. I will miss the lunch that she would pack for me.
♥ She would always do my nails.
♥ Take care of my dog.
♥ Wash and pick my favorite clothes.
♥ Clean my room and organize my stuff when I'm tired or simply lazy.
♥ Fetch me when there is flood. (oh yeah we get flooded often)
♥ Decorate the house especially on Christmas.
♥ Make the garden beautiful.
♥ She simply takes care of my needs whatever they may be.

Now that I think about I'm pretty much spoiled rotten. I realized that I have been lazy and avoided to do household chores because I know that my auntie is there to do it for me. Well I think I have to grow up now and be more responsible. How can I expect to survive if I can't even the do the simplest house chores. Living without my auntie would be difficult but I will strive to learn and overcome this new challenge of my life and I will work hard to be a responsible adult at work and at home. This realization may be long overdue but I can't help but feel lonely and sad without my auntie around. Of course there are times that we would argue and fight but I love her and I just wish her to be happy whether she stays with us or not. If ever the time comes that she will leave surely I will see her off with the smile on my face because she has been nothing but good to me and my brother.

Here is a picture of me and my auntie.

I wish you good luck on your upcoming trip and stay safe auntie!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Book review "Poor little Bitch Girl"

I had just finished reading this book "Poor Little Bitch Girl" by Jackie Collins and it was quite entertaining. It is such a good read, it is perfect for the beach and just a feel good book. Basically it is about a group people who knew each other in high school and somehow their path have crossed again in the future when an interesting thing happens. The book shows us the life of the people living in LA and New York. How the rich and famous people lived and it also has some juicy romance stuff. Who would have thought that a plain Jane in high school would become a successful defence lawyer and that the popular girl in high school needs her help. It also has stories about life in high school and what happens after high school. Well I love this book and my favorite character out of the bunch is Denver because she is most real and people can easily relate with her character and she is also the most level headed or practical character in the book. So I would definitely recommend this, it is perfect pick me up book!

Friday, September 9, 2011

August 2011 Round-up!

This August I have been quite naughty and bought a bunch of stuff for no reason. I guess I justified it as my gift to myself because my birthday is in August. So doing this post or this blog for that matter is sort of my online journal and this would also help keep my spending in check since I can see all the things that I previously bought.

Almost all these items I got was on sale so don't judge! >_<

Clothing Item and accessories


The floral dress in the left is by "Mint" and the black & white knitted dress is by "Attitudes". Both of these were on sale about P300 ($6-$7) each.

Striped knitted top is by "Weekender" P400/ $8 and the Black lace dress is by "Samlin" P750/$16. Both were on sale.


The white printed lace shirt was about P200/$4 I don't know the brand name since I took out the tag. the black jersey dress is by "Bettina" and this was not on sale I believe it was around (P860/$20). This dress looked so good on.


This was partly a gift from my brother and I added some money. Since I want a proper dark wash jeans I decided to get a Levis. I was persuaded by my cousin to have the length altered and I kinda regretted it now. It liked it the way it was before. So lesson learned follow your gut when deciding to alter expensive clothes. This was around P2,600 /$60. I'll just have to learn to love it.


This was a gift from my brother's friend Megan. Thank you Megan I love this necklace.

This my mom's gift for me. Simple silver cross necklace! ♥

The black leather bracelet was given by my brother, the black with the bling bracelet and the cross ring is from the "Forever21" store in Singpore which was about 14 and 7 Singapore dollar respectively, and the coral statement ring was around P200/$4.

Beauty products


I got 5 Revlon nail enamel. Left to right (Quick dry top coat, Creme brulee, Fire Fox, Tropical Temptation, Siren) These were about ) P225/$5 each.


Ever Bilena Mousse Blush in Dusty Mauve (Love this blusher!) (P200/$4), Smashbox eye primer (P1,505/$24), and Revlon Photoready foundation in 006 Medium Beige (P860/$20)

Every month Sting, my boyfriend, will buy me books since he knows that I love reading. For the month of August he got me two books which were P300/$7 each and I'm excited to read them. I'll let you know how I feel about them soon.

Well I think thats all I got for August clothing and beauty wise. There were a couple of skincare products that I did not include in this post. A separate blog post will be made for skincare and bath products that I use.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Whats in my bag?

Well since everyone seems to be curious what other people bring along with them in their purse/handbag I decided to do this tag as well.

♥ This is my trusty Kathy Van Zeeland handbag. This was given to me by my aunt for Christmas of 2010 and I love this bag so much because it can hold a lot and I mostly carry this bag to work.
Lets start from the upper left going to right.
♥ silver make-up pouch
♥ black wallet, brown coin purse and ID/License case
♥ hairbrush, set of keys with monkey face on it
♥ wooden fan to cool myself
♥ umbrella (very important especially during monsoon season) we don't want to get wet don't we?
♥ Nine West shades also given to me by my aunt. Thank you auntie ^_^
♥ Planner, little notepad, 5 pens (A girl can't have to many pens!)
♥ A book I'm currently reading and loving it is "The girl who played with fire" by Stieg Larsson
♥ My phones which I would die if I'm without it... My Nokia E63 and Samsung Champ
♥ Mints and candies, Lighter (I don't smoke but I like having a lighter with me), Hand Sanitizer, Bag holder

For my make-up pouch...

♥ wet and dry tissues. I always need tissues they are essential.
♥ Maybeline Powder in Natural and my Silk Secrets oil blotting papers to remove thy shine on thy face >_<
♥ various lip products: Revlon Just bitten lip stain in color "Flame" (love!), Loreal colour juice stick in "Watermelon" (very moisturizing also love!), Maybeline color sensational in "Coral Pink" (daily lipstick its amazing), Nivea Essential Care Lip balm (Essential), Revlon Super Lustrous gloss in "Coral Reef" (Favorite gloss atm), Avon Lip pencil in "Red"
♥ Random medications for tummy ache and medical bandage for boboos
♥ Mirror broken in half (how clumsy of me!)
♥ Maybeline Angelfit perfect concealer to hide them spots
♥ Marionnaud retractable powder brush
♥ nail clipper and my sample size Burberry Beat perfume (my daily scent, I adore the clean fresh scent of BB Beat)
♥ Disposable earplugs (idk why that's in there), 3 q-tips and some hairgrips

Well that's all that I carry, I hope I did not bore you too much. So now that you have seen whats in my bag, what is in yours?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Favorite Nail Polish at the moment "Revlon's Siren"

I am loving the Revlon's nail polishes. I got 5 polishes on sale last month and I am trying them out. So far it has exceeded my expectations. Compared to other local and cheaper brands, Revlon is way superior. It has great formula, the brush is also bigger compared to cheaper polishes and it is also opaque that even one coat is enough. The price is around P225-P300 or approximately $6 which is a bit expensive compared to local brands which retails around P30-P100 ($1-3).

My favorite one so far is this bright orange color called "Siren". It is almost a neon orange and it reminds of the vehicle reflector color. >_<

I was painting in middle of the night so I did not do a good job with his hand but anyway I had 2 coats of the Revlon polish topped with Revlon's quick-dry top coat.

I had it on for about a solid 7 days and it did not chip. So in my book it is pretty good! The color payoff is excellent and chipping was very minimal after the 7th day. So far I would recommend the Revlon polishes especially this orange color it is very good for summer and it would definitely look nice on every skin tone. I especially like wearing them on my toes because it makes my shoes and sandals look extra pretty. Many people have noticed and come-up to ask me what polish I used. This polish is a surefire head turner.

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