Friday, September 2, 2011

Favorite Nail Polish at the moment "Revlon's Siren"

I am loving the Revlon's nail polishes. I got 5 polishes on sale last month and I am trying them out. So far it has exceeded my expectations. Compared to other local and cheaper brands, Revlon is way superior. It has great formula, the brush is also bigger compared to cheaper polishes and it is also opaque that even one coat is enough. The price is around P225-P300 or approximately $6 which is a bit expensive compared to local brands which retails around P30-P100 ($1-3).

My favorite one so far is this bright orange color called "Siren". It is almost a neon orange and it reminds of the vehicle reflector color. >_<

I was painting in middle of the night so I did not do a good job with his hand but anyway I had 2 coats of the Revlon polish topped with Revlon's quick-dry top coat.

I had it on for about a solid 7 days and it did not chip. So in my book it is pretty good! The color payoff is excellent and chipping was very minimal after the 7th day. So far I would recommend the Revlon polishes especially this orange color it is very good for summer and it would definitely look nice on every skin tone. I especially like wearing them on my toes because it makes my shoes and sandals look extra pretty. Many people have noticed and come-up to ask me what polish I used. This polish is a surefire head turner.

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