Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bangkok Travel Part 1: Accomodations and Transportation

I was away on super fun holiday with my friends for about 4 days in Bangkok Thailand. I thought that I would share my experience here starting with our first day and our first impression with the place, the people, transportation and the accomodation.

We arrived at  Suvarnabhumi airport at around 3 AM bangkok time and we decided to spend the rest of the night in the airport lounge and wait for the 6 AM train to the city. Our hotel do provide transfers from Airport to Hotel but we always take the public transportation everytime we go travelling, we like to do things just like the locals.

Shhh... I'm looking after our things while my travel buddies get some shut-eye.

Finally out of the Airport and in a comfy pink taxi on our way to the Hotel. It can be a little hard conversing with the locals since their knowledge of the English languange is not that extensive and the pronounciation is quite different. You may need to have the airport information counter attendant write the name of your destination in the Thai language since most of them can't read English language too. Another tip if your in a budget is to always request for a metered taxi since most of the taxi in thailand would jack up their fare especially if your a tourist. Taxi and Tuk-tuk driver will scam you if you let them so always go for metered taxis. 

Finally arrived at the lobby of our hotel. We are checked-in at the Prince Palance Hotel a 4 star hotel, located at the old Bangkok district, which is very a spacious and luxurious. The locals pronounce Prince Palace  as "Pince Palae" so try saying that to the taxi or tuk-tuk driver.

The check-in counter with the most courteous and helpful attendands. Check-in time is 2:00 pm but we were allowed to check-in as early as 8 AM since the room that we booked was unoccupied.

Passed by those magnificent halls on the way to our 2 bedroom suite in the Prince Suites tower. Our room was quite far from the lobby but we did not mind since the place was beautiful.

The little living room area

The guys room (2 of them will be sharing the bed)

Girls room (I'll be sharing this room with my friends 2 sisters)

Decent bathroom with hot and cold shower

Spacious closet complete with vault and some hangers

View from our widow up on the 27th floor.

Taking a short break before going out.

After taking a refreshing shower we went out and explored our hotel.

The Prince Palace Hotel have 2 swimming pools, a sauna, gym, internet cafe and a sky lounge. This place is really great and affordable. The hotel also offer tour packages for its guest, just inquire at the check-in counter. For the shoppoholic, there is a night market where you can buy a lot of inexpensive clothes and souveniers just below the hotel.

We spent 3 days at this 4 star hotel and we paid a total of 12,000 BHT four our two bedroom suite which was good for 5 people including the delicious breakfast buffet. I definitely recommend this hotel and if I even come to Bangkok this is the place I would stay. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Update on my Hormonal Imbalance (Hypothyroidsm)

Here an update on my ever continuing battle of hormonal imbalance.

I went for my quarterly medical check-up on the first week of May and my doctor observed that I have gained weight which was a bad sign I suppose.  And as my doctor got my laboratory results back she found out that my hormones level were really crazy. It was too bad because my hormones level had improved before that was why I was now on a quarterly check-up schedule but now it seems something had gone wrong.

My doctored asked if I was not taking my medications because based from my lab results it was as if I was not taking my meds for about 2 weeks.  I told her that I was religiously taking my meds everyday and that I bought my medication for the whole quarter in bulk. She asked if I checked the expiry date on the medicine that I bought. And then Oh oh...  I totally neglected to check for the expiry date because I was buying it from a big pharmacy which I assume will not sell expired meds. My doctor advised me to always check for expiry dates especially for medicines. I may have been taking expired medicine for the past 3 months and that may have adverse effects on my body. My doctor then increased the doze of my medication to correct the hormonal imbalance and schedule me for a laboratory work and check-up this coming June 8.

During my check-up, my doctor asked me if I was feeling something wrong with my body just some observations.  Well I told her the following: (yup! I enumerated it all to her)

I told her that...

I was gaining weight when I did not change anything to my diet.
I always feel sleepy or tired especially every after meals.
I was breaking out every now and then.
My period was now on its regular cycle but it usually hurts especially on the 1st and 2nd day.

She explained to me that all the things that I was feeling are symptoms of hormonal imbalance. She told me that if I start feeling those things that I should know there is something wrong and I should not hesitate to visit the clinic. She also said that I should monitor my heart rate because when my heart rate is low that is when I usually feel sluggish and tired, she also advised me to get some exercise and to continually take my medicine. She said exercise and drinking a lot of water can help reduce the ache that I usually feel when I have period.

So lesson of the day... Always check expiry dates on medicines and always take notice of the things that you feel because its a sign that your hormones have gone crazy again.

Wish me luck on my next medical check-up! Stay healthy everyone.

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