Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rant: Bad Customer Service

Bad services makes this kitty very grumpy!!!

The other day I went to one of the oldest shopping stores we have in my city to purchase an outfit for our office celebration and OMG I just experienced the worst customer service in my life. I observed that the sales person assisting me was slow to pick-up on instructions and almost hesitant to accommodate customers. Well I don't know if she was having a bad day, or if she was distracted or if she was just plain lazy so i decided to keep my cool and patiently waited for her. But after a while, I thought to myself that how an earth can this store hire someone as incompetent as this girl so I decided to look around for another girl to help me with my purchase but I found out almost all of the store's employees were like her, so unmotivated. 

As I was paying at the cashier, there were three girls handling the cash register and the first girl was checking the merchandise against the slip issued by the previous sales girl and it took her 10 minutes to check all of the merchandise because she was busy chatting with the other girls at the counter. Not only that, she had also trouble checking the prices against the slip so I had to dictate to her the prices just to speed things up. The two other girls did nothing to help her and just waited for her to finish while chatting before the second girl could enter it to the store's system and the last girl could put in a bag.  I mean one girl could surely do all of their functions if she was motivated enough but I just don't know what going on with that store.

I'm sure that no employer would hire slow and incompetent person but from what I had observed its as if those girls have no motivation to work. They did not show any interest in assisting customers and the customers had to call them out just to get help. I was really annoyed and I swore never again to return to that store. Its too bad because they really sell inexpensive products, but customer service was really horrible.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My week at Bangkok in pictures

Looking all excited for the trip >_<
trying to phone home?! 
 Feeling like royalty on a 36 year old elephant with a super big orange umbrella
 All dressed-up for night out
 Went back to the hotel and took some pictures... this was suppose to be a soap opera kind of pic.hehe
 Clearly doing that chair all kinds of wrong.haha
 relaxing morning at the pool
 Happily ended the trip with a picture wearing Thailand souvenir shirts.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bangkok Travel Part 5: Bangkok Haul

Bangkok is well known shopping destination so before embarking on my trip I saved-up my money and did some major damage at Bangkok. In Bangkok you can get fashionable items with great quality for super cheap price. Most of the things I bought was from the Platinum mall and from the airport Duty Free.

Black jersey play suit - 400 Baht
The fabric feels heavy and it really accentuates your curves. The bottom part have those huge flares that from a far it looks like a I'm wearing a dress but its not. This suit feels so comfortable on and  the quality is great. 
Black maxi dress - 250 Baht
Asymmetrical Skirt - 150 Baht
Tiger Shirt - 190 Baht

 Tiger shirt with back to back print - 150 Baht
Crayon Base Coat - 95 Baht
Crayon Top Coat  - 95 Baht
Revlon Base Coat - 180 Baht
Press-on nails - 90 Baht 
Nail Glue - 50 Baht
Eye lashes - 350 Baht
Eye lash glue - 80 Baht
Revlon Eye shadow palette in Rich Temptation - 330 Baht
Revlon Creme lipstick in Blackberry - 190 Baht
As you can see with just one swipe, the eyeshadows are really pigmented and the colors are pretty neutral. This palette will pretty much become my every day palette.
All the jewelries were no more than 200 Baht each.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bangkok Travel Part 4: Food and Shopping

Thai street food... Had this for lunch when we went to Chatuchak weekend market. I would suggest that before you buy street food, do observe how the food was prepared.
Breakfast buffet at our hotel had a vast variety of food choices. My favorite were the scrambled egg and the french toast with sausage and fruits. Yum!
We had a really hard time finding fast food in Bangkok because most of the fast food are only available at malls like Central World and Siam, so for the most part we had to dine in local restaurants. The food was okay but they have those spicy sauce that doesn't suite my taste. 
Ice cream feast! Super sweet desserts.
Great for Fashion Shopping. Spent one whole day perusing the stores and haggling for wholesale price. You can get cute and fashionable clothes at very cheap price if you know how to haggle. One down side is you cannot try on the clothes but the store attendants are very good at recommending sizes for you body type.
This mall is famous for their gadgets.

Was so tired after shopping but it was worth-it. If I ever go back to Bangkok I would definitely shop again at Platinum mall.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bangkok Travel Part 3: Temples

For temple tours, I really recommend that you do this on your first day since it would take one whole day of exploring. Thailand have a lot temples and all very beautiful. I also recommend that you dress modestly, no mini-skirts, shorts and sleeveless clothes. Most of the temples are open 8 am to 4 pm and beware of swindlers. We encountered those people at the entrance of the Grand Palace, a man approached us acting all official and told us to proceed to the next entrance since the entrance we were at was for the locals. So we followed and proceeded to the entrance that he mentioned, but when we got to the other entrance there was another man who approached us and said that we could should not go in the Grand Palace now because there are having a worship ceremony and  that we should visit other temples first and come back around 3 pm. Conveniently they have a friend who's a tuk-tuk driver that would take us around the other temples near the area for a fee of course. We ignored them and decided to go back to the first entrance we went and follow the flow of the tourist and lo and behold there was no worship ceremony at all. In the Grand Palace the workers wore uniforms so I suggest you only talk to them rather than some stranger. 

This picture of the building looks like it was mirrored which made it really cool.

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