Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Massive November Round-up!

I had been very naughty this November. I wasn't able to control myself and went on a shopping spree. I justified it as doing my Christmas shopping early but it turns out I bought a bunch of stuff for myself rather than gifts for others. Here are the things that I bought for myself.

To start, I got these comfy shirts and hoodies caught my attention and since it was on sale I decided to grab 2 of different colors since I can't seem to decide what color to pick.


As you can see I went crazy and bought two of the same things in different color. If I can't choose a color I got to have both of them which is bad I know ^_^.. I also bought 2 pairs of shoes one nude and the other black with ruffle detailing at the back and two identical clutches of different color and finally two pair of eyeglasses. The glasses are RayBan's and Tony Morgan.

Everything was on sale so I picked up this brown blazer because in the office it is always freezing so its good to wear jackets and blazers. My friend has the same black dress and she suggested that I try it on and buy it since it looked good on me however we have to coordinate with each other when we decide to wear this dress to avoid wearing the dress at the same time. haha

My favorite purchase of the month is this Guess wallet. I have been wanting a proper big wallet since ages ago and I can't seem to find a generic one that fit my needs so I decided to splurge on a Guess wallet as a gift to myself this Christmas, although all of these things I bought were gifts to myself. haha

For the beauty and miscellaneous items that I bought, you can see I got a lot of lip products and nail polishes. The pink bag was a free item from purchasing my Revlon translucent powder and Revlon face primer, which I truly love. I have never used such an amazing powder, it just locks in the foundation and makes your skin looks flawless. I also find that I doesn't make my face oily than usual. I also picked up a body spray and a styling brush since seem to think that I needed it at the time. I went crazy on nail polishes, I picked up some fun color nail polishes from Meja and a crackle nail polish set. And I also bought some random stuff, my planner for 2012 and some skincare products since I was running low at the moment.

Here are the swatches for the Nishido lip liners
(From left to right ... Rossette, Rose Berry, Coral Rust and Blaze)

My favorite lip liner is Rossette it is a perfect everyday color it goes well with everything. I also love the maybeline lip balm especially the mint flavor one because it tingles as you put it on. You will feel so cool and refresh once you put in on.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Acne + Weight Gain + Irregular Period = Hormonal Imbalance (Thyriod Problem)

Having clear skin and a fit body is really important to people especially to girls. I started being conscious of my appearance starting University and more so as I started working. I am currently in the banking industry and being in that industry we are expected to look pleasant and present ourselves with grace and confidence to our client to better serve their needs.

I never had spots or pimples when I was in high school. I was lucky enough to have clear skin all throughout high school and about halfway through University. Even during my menstrual periods, which don't occur every month, I rarely ever get any breakouts. I have basically an irregular period, the longest number of months of me not having my period was 6 months and that really bothered me but I was so scared to have myself checked. I have also observed that I had high metabolism. I could eat a whole family size pizza all by myself and not gain weight ever, so basically I ate whatever I want and whenever I want.

It all began to change when I started working. I was still skinny but I have observed that my neck was getting bigger and I had trouble swallowing food. I had my suspicions that i might have a thyroid problem because I know it is hereditary and both my grandparents have it so there is a big possibility that I might get it. One day i fainted in the office during morning assembly and I was rushed to the hospital. Finally I was checked and referred to a doctor specializing in internal medicine. I had my lab done and I was thoroughly checked and I was diagnosed with toxic hyperthyroid. My thyroid gland is producing too much hormones than what my body needs that is why I had such high metabolism.

My doctor was very nice and explained to me all the food that I need to avoid which were a lot and most of it were my favorites and she had me on medication for hyperthyroid. I was diligent in taking my medication but I was not able to give up on my favorite food which were forbidden. After 2 weeks I went back to see my doctor because I had this rashes on my body and it turns out I was allergic to the medication. I was given two options, either I undergo surgery to remove my thyroid gland or I take radioactive iodine to kill my thyroid gland. I chose the latter because I am afraid of the surgery it will leave a scar on my neck and there was a chance that I could loose my voice. The radioactive iodine side-effects were bearable compared to risk of having surgery.

After I underwent radioactive treatment I was not allowed to go near anyone, I was isolated for about 3 weeks and even after then I was not allowed to go near people especially pregnant women and babies. Nurses and doctors wore special suite when entering my room and I had no visitors. I did not feel any pain, I was just now allowed to go near people. It was my mini vacation in isolation, I did nothing but eat, sleep and watch TV.

Now years after my treatment, I am healthy and religiously taking my hormone supplements and going to my scheduled check-ups. From my experience I have observed that every time my hormones are not within the normal range I tend to get massive acne breakouts, weight gain, and delayed period. My doctor advised me that aside from taking my hormone supplements, I need to have healthier diet and I must exercise regularly. It is really important to consult with your doctor to check if hormonal supplement dosage needs to be adjusted. So for those of you maybe showing the same symptoms as me, have yourself checked with your doctor to get proper medical treatment.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Naughty November

Ever since the start of November I can't seem to control myself. I have been really naughty and went on various shopping trips. I justified it as getting a head start on my Christmas shopping but I end up getting more items for myself than for others. I'm so bad and I need to pace myself and get a grip. Well since I already bought various stuff, expect an upcoming haul post on the things I bought.

I have an interesting project that I am working and is fashion and beauty related. I will also do a post on it soon, it is a bit silly but i like it and in theory it should help me control my spending on fashion and beauty items. Well lets just see how it goes.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 2011 In and Out


♥ The new house of night book "Destined". I believe that this is the 8th book of the series and I simply love it! New characters were introduced and alliances were made with former enemies. This book is just amazing with all the twists kept me reading until dawn. The only down side is that I have to wait for the next book to come out soon. Bought this book as soon as it came out and finished reading it in a day. Love IT!

♥ Twilight Saga. I think I'm the last person on earth who haven't read this series. I watched all of the movies but I never did read the books. So my co-worker lend me her copy of the books. I have already finished the first to books and I think that the books definitely stumps the movie.

♥ Cash Gift from the office. October is the month where we can expect additional bonus for the incoming holidays!

♥ Long weekends in the Halloween week.

♥ Elf Flat top powder brush from the pro line.

♥ Elf eyelid primer in nude. (comparable to smashbox photo finish eyelid primer)

♥ Bath and body works cooling spray in "Sweet Pea"

♥ Music - What do you want from me by Adam Lambert.

♥ Inexpensive accessories from a local store in my area. Favorite place to get trendy and inexpensive accessories!

♥ LA girl PRO Conceal, high definition concealer. This is my lifesaver since my Skin is freaking out at the moment. It has great coverage and a lot of color rage to choose from.


♥ Massive acne outbreak due to hormonal imbalance. Went to my endocrinologist to have my medication adjusted.

♥ Maybeline Angel Concealer. Good for under eye circles but terrible for covering acne. It aggravates existing acne making them more noticeable.

♥ Broken AC in my room. Guess this is where my cash gift will be spent.

♥ Skin irritation from stud earrings. I really have sensitive ears and I can't wear studs.

♥ Loreal Cleanser and Toner. Made my skin break out more.

♥ Spot treatment Gel (Clean and Clear and Garnier).

♥ Smashbox photo finish primer (so expensive compared to Elf primer)

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