Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Massive November Round-up!

I had been very naughty this November. I wasn't able to control myself and went on a shopping spree. I justified it as doing my Christmas shopping early but it turns out I bought a bunch of stuff for myself rather than gifts for others. Here are the things that I bought for myself.

To start, I got these comfy shirts and hoodies caught my attention and since it was on sale I decided to grab 2 of different colors since I can't seem to decide what color to pick.


As you can see I went crazy and bought two of the same things in different color. If I can't choose a color I got to have both of them which is bad I know ^_^.. I also bought 2 pairs of shoes one nude and the other black with ruffle detailing at the back and two identical clutches of different color and finally two pair of eyeglasses. The glasses are RayBan's and Tony Morgan.

Everything was on sale so I picked up this brown blazer because in the office it is always freezing so its good to wear jackets and blazers. My friend has the same black dress and she suggested that I try it on and buy it since it looked good on me however we have to coordinate with each other when we decide to wear this dress to avoid wearing the dress at the same time. haha

My favorite purchase of the month is this Guess wallet. I have been wanting a proper big wallet since ages ago and I can't seem to find a generic one that fit my needs so I decided to splurge on a Guess wallet as a gift to myself this Christmas, although all of these things I bought were gifts to myself. haha

For the beauty and miscellaneous items that I bought, you can see I got a lot of lip products and nail polishes. The pink bag was a free item from purchasing my Revlon translucent powder and Revlon face primer, which I truly love. I have never used such an amazing powder, it just locks in the foundation and makes your skin looks flawless. I also find that I doesn't make my face oily than usual. I also picked up a body spray and a styling brush since seem to think that I needed it at the time. I went crazy on nail polishes, I picked up some fun color nail polishes from Meja and a crackle nail polish set. And I also bought some random stuff, my planner for 2012 and some skincare products since I was running low at the moment.

Here are the swatches for the Nishido lip liners
(From left to right ... Rossette, Rose Berry, Coral Rust and Blaze)

My favorite lip liner is Rossette it is a perfect everyday color it goes well with everything. I also love the maybeline lip balm especially the mint flavor one because it tingles as you put it on. You will feel so cool and refresh once you put in on.

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