Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weekend in Bohol with my girls!

It has been awhile since the four of us have gathered together. I think the last time was on my wedding day. I miss my girls so much and since they are not physically here with me I'll settle with reminiscing thru this blog post. I had so much fun relaxing at Flushing Meadows Resort at Panglao Bohol. Nothing compares to a weekend with girlfriends just catching up and relaxing by the pool. I can be 100% myself with them and they will love me just the way I am. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Korea Vacation (photo dump)

Nami Island
Grand Palace
Cool Wall Art
Korean Wedding Preparation
Korean Park
Seoul Tower
The Teddy Bear Shop
Lote World

Friday, March 21, 2014

Play time at Trickeye Museum in Korea

This is essentially a photo dump from my happy time at the trick-eye museum at Seoul Korea. I took a little holiday with my girlfriends last year to Korea, months before my wedding to unwind and to finally see the sparkling country of Asia. I had a wonderful time exploring Korea but the little kid in me went a little crazy in the museum. 
Ooohhh naughty girl!
Now I know why he made that face.haha
Any last words?
These wings are made to fly
Dude! you should really stay dead.
my time is running out
Don't eat me... I'm not that yummy!!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Anti-Acne Product Heroes

I have been massively breaking out lately and its the kind of acne that is really deep in the skin and it was super painful to the touch. My breakout was mostly in my forehead and on my jaw line and it was not attractive. I think most of my breakout is due to hormonal change but, I have also amped up my skincare to help get rid of my acne. 

 Apart from my the daily makeup removers and cleansers, here are my Anti-acne product heroes.
Human Nature 100% Natural Sunflower Beauty Oil, Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer
Moisturizers and Oils
You may think that putting oil and moisturizer over acne covered skin will worsen the acne but, I found out that it helps in balancing the oil levels of my skin. I have oily skin and I was afraid of using moisturizers, as it turned out I'm breaking out because my skin was so dry and dehydrated. My dermatologist suggest that I used natural products and unscented products because my skin is really sensitive and acne prone. She also stressed the importance of moisturizing because it helps you have somewhat lesser wrinkled face as you get older. I mostly use the Cetaphil in morning after toning and the Sunflower oil at night. 

Here are some of the listed benefits on the Human Nature Sunflower Oil
1. Helps lighten dark undereye circles
2. Helps lighten dark spots & pimple marks
3. Undereye moisturizer
4. Helps prevent & diminish the appearance of stretch marks
5. Helps soften and lighten underarms
6. Softens feet soles, knees & elbows
7. Removes stubborn makeup
8. Overall body moisturizer
9. Helps diminish fine lines around the eyes
10. Helps soften cuticles and dry skin
11. Makes skin glow and helps keep it youthful
12. Helps relax tired, puffy eyes
13. Helps relieve itch & redness caused by insect bites
14. Nourishes & conditions eyelashes
15. Helps lighten dark lips
16. Adds shine to dull hair
17. Helps ease dry & itchy scalp
18. Helps improve skin condition after sunburn
19. Smoothens dry, rough skin from shaving
20. Helps calm skin & ease rashes
21. Helps relieve symptoms of skin infections
22. Helps hydrate dry patches on face
23. Helps lighten lesions and scars

After reading the list I was sold to this product. I haven't used it apart from my face but so far I like that the oil absorbs to my skin in less than 5 minutes and it leaves my skin plump and supple the next morning. So give it a try!
Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, The Face Shop Clear Away Spot 

These two are my life savers because they help dry out and remove the acne faster.  I use the The Face Shop Clear Away Spot every night over those red swelling acne and over night it helps the redness and swelling go down. The Kielh's Clearly Correctly Dark Spot Solution, I use every morning under my makeup to help reduce my hyperigmentation due to acne scars. 

These two are like magic! I can't stress how much I love them and I will never go without them on my vanity. 
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Prenuptial Photos of Sting and CJ

I've never been on a photo shoot before, so I felt a bit awkward during our prenuptial shoot. Our photographer said to just to enjoy and have fun which was surprisingly easy to do since Sting was there with me. In the end, we were tired but I think we got some great shots. Here are some of my favorite photos including some hilarious candid shots. 

Photographer : "Photograph by Playhouse"
Location: Initao, Misamis Oriental

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