Friday, February 26, 2016

Product Empties February 2016

So here are the products that I finished this past couple of months.

Human Nature Bug Shield - This is a definite lifesaver for us especially for my husband and baby since the mosquitoes loves to bite them. Its all natural DEET free product with your trusted citronella scent, safe for kids and adult alike. This is a staple in our household and we will forever repurchase this product.

Bio Oil - This is the top recommended product for diminishing stretch marks and during my pregnancy I've accumulated quite a lot of stretch marks on my legs. It is very noticeable when I wear shorts and skirts so I've been using this product for a month now and I've yet to see some changes but the product instruction says to use for a minimum of 3 months so I'll continue to repurchase this product and report back soon with before and after pictures. But so far I love how it feels on my skin and the scent is not offensive.

Etude House Mineral BB Cream - Its a standard BB cream complete with SPF 30. I love the coverage of this BB cream, its medium coverage but it needs powder to set. This also comes in a darker shade which I find is perfect for my skin tone unlike other BB creams which is too light and ashy. I like this BB cream but I'm not committed to it, because I found a CC cream which I'm loving for daily use at a lower price point. 

Revlon ColorStay Foundation - My go to foundation if you have an important event that you need to look your best. This foundation is tried and tested full coverage foundation and it will not let you down. I will definitely repurchase this when I have important events. The only downside of this foundation is the scent, but for the coverage I'm willing to overlook it.

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation - I did not like this foundation. I have oily skin and this foundation made my face even more shiny than it usually is. It may work for dry skin people but I will not be repurchasing this product.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation - This is a light coverage foundation and it feels it feels good on the skin. This would have been a perfect everyday foundation but on me it does not last that long, maybe because of my oily skin but nonetheless, I used it all up but I will not be repurchasing.

Artistry Hydra-V Fresh Softening Lotion - My Holy Grail Toner! I love this!!! 
Artistry Hydra-V Fresh Foaming Face Wash - Its a gentle face wash but it's too expensive for what it is.
Artistry Hydra-V Vital Skin Serum - Very effective Serum and will definitely recommend for those those women aging 30 years old and up. 

The Artistry Hydra-V Line is a very effective line of skincare but it's very high-end. If you have the money, I highly, highly, highly recommend this line. I love using this because it makes my skin so refined and smooth.

Dove Ultra Wide Deodorant - Its a standard deodorant, it smells great but I'm not committed to it. I will not be repurchasing it.

Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara -  Its an okay mascara, it does give me volume and its waterproof, but I find that it clumps up on me and I don't like that look. I will try out other mascaras.

PureDerm Argan Oil Make-up Wipes - This is the ultimate best friend for all lazy girls. For the days the I can't be bothered to do full face cleansing at the end of the day, I make sure to at least remove my makeup with these wipes. It gently removes my makeup even the waterproof mascara while making my skin smooth and soft with the Argan Oil. I've repurchased multiple packs of this and I will forever keep this by my side.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Stock Market Investment made Easy

What do you know about the stock market?  If you don't have a finance degree then I'm sure you have never heard of it.  For those who are fans of Leonardo de Caprio and have watched his movie The Wolf of Wallstreet then maybe you have some idea. Basically there is a great potential of money making in stock market investment. 

Investment in stock market is very lucrative, it generates more earnings than bank deposits. For every stock that you own, the companies declares yearly dividends and your share in the declared dividends is directly proportionate to the amount of stocks that you own, which also form part of your earnings. 

You can grow your money fast or gradually depending what kind of investor you are. If you prefer to grow your money in a short amount of time, then you would be classified as a stock trader, while for those who want to grow their portfolio gradually they are classified as stock investor/long term investor. For traders they usually monitor the stock market constantly and buy and sell shares of stocks by the hour or day, the longest trade would be a week and for the long term stock investors they hold stocks for months even years. 

But what about for those people who want to get into stock market investment but don't have the knowledge on how to go about it, what do they do? Well, I happen to know of someone who made his house help invest in stock market with the little salary that they have and now his house help will retire at the age of 40 to 50 y.o. as a millionaire. He is no other than Brother Bo Sanches.

Bro. Bo have this advocacy of helping those who want to get more out of life by giving financial advice and spiritual advice as well. I've been a subscriber of Bro. Bo for years now and his advice in what stocks to buy and sell have really helped me grow my portfolio. If you have no clue on what to do, Bro. Bo. will do the analysing and market research for you and recommend sound stocks for you to buy or sell. See BRO. BO SITE to learn more about stocks and get started. Happy Investing!

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