Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 Favorites: Beauty and Random Stuff

January is over and you know what that means. It's time to round-up all of my favorites whether its beauty, fashion or any other random stuff. So lets begin...

ELF Blush and Bronzer Duo
I was a bit lazy this January, it seems that I was always rushing and I don't have enough time to get ready in the morning. When that happens, I could not be bothered to faff around with different eye shadows.  I just need to add some color to my face to not look like a zombie and head out of the door.

This duo was what saved me in those times. I use the bronzer as all over the lid wash of color and contour, then I apply some eye liner and mascara, light dusting of blush, and finally a bright lipstick.
MakeupbyToni Blending Brush
This brush is perfect for concealer application under the eyes and over spots.


Mango colored jeans


Kindle Fire HD ("Kay")
Whenever I got nothing to do, I'm always on my kindle reading or surfing the web. I'll be bored to death without it. I'm still finishing up the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan.

Ipod Nano 6th Gen ("Irene") with Lunatik LYNK
I always listen to my Ipod when I'm riding transportation, waiting for someone or just shopping around alone. It entertains me and it's so convenient now that I can wear it as now wrist watch. My favorite music at the moment is Rhianna's Diamond.


Silver linings Playbook. A sweet but sad story about bi-polar lovers, starring my favorite actress Jeniffer Lawrence. When I saw this movie, I said to myself, wow that girl can sure act. I love her!


  1. What an inspiration,honey,love it!;)

  2. I like that blush & bronzer duo! I want to see Silver Linings, because I am really starting to like Jennifer Lawrence!

    1. You should definitely watch it. Its a good movie!

  3. I love elf blushes! How are their bronzers though??
    And Silver Lining Playbook was a sweet movie. The first half of it I was like "What is going on..??" But the ending played out pretty nice :)

  4. The bronzers are just average but i like that its part of this duo because its handy.

  5. Nice! I use the same blush and bronzer ♥

    I really enjoyed my blog walk through your blog :) I just followed you on GFC, looking forward to more posts from you :) Hope you can come by my blog for a visit and maybe follow me too? Thank you and more power to you!



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