Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Travel 101: My travel checklist

So what are you packing?

Here is my personal checklist...

Airline Tickets
Hotel Reservation
Itinerary, budget and shopping list
Emergency contacts information
Wallet filled with cash, cards and IDs
Pen (for filling-up documents)

Body Wash
Shampoo and Soap
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Facial wash
Toner and Facial lotion
Body Spray
Body Lotion
SPF / Sun Screen

Make-up brushes
Face and Eye primer
Eyelash curler
Lip balm
Lip stick
Lip pencil
Eye brow kit
Travel Eyeshadow palette
Translucent powder
Make-up wipes
Cotton and Q-tips
Night perfume
Hair brush

Camera with charger
Mobile phone with charger
Extra Memory cards
Ipod with charger

Daily hormone medication (hypothyroidism)
meds for indigestion
rash ointment for emergencies
Anti-chaffing gel

# of tops
# of underwear
# Dress
# pants and shorts
Day and Night Jacket (Outerwear)

Sandals/Flip flops
Night out shoes
Sun glasses
Watch and couple of Jewelries
Day bag
Going out night bag/clutch

All set?
Have fun travelling!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Travel 101: Things to do before travelling

I love to travel and I have my routine that I do approximately a week before the actual travel date to make my travelling smooth and stress free.

1. Print out a copy of your plane tickets and hotel accommodations.

2. Plan out your vacation itinerary.
(complete with directions on how to get to places)

3. Make a budget for your entire trip plus extra for shopping.

4. List down emergency contact information.
(phone numbers, email addresses, address of your country's embassy)

5. Plan out your outfits for the trip and always provide extra outfit for emergencies.
(Include the underwear and footwear)

6. Make your personal checklist specifically tailored for your travel needs.
(Detailed checklist containing all the things that you need to pack)

7. Prepare shopping list, this would make shopping easier and more efficient.
(Including souvenirs and personal items you want to buy)

8. Finish-up any pending work so you can take your vacation without any worries.

You may notice from the list above that I'm a bit of a control freak but I like things to be in order so I can truly enjoy myself when travelling. To each his own, that is just what I do so I'm curious whats your travel routine?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Thinking about my future... What to do next?

I was thinking one afternoon on ways to motivate myself because I was feeling uninspired by life. I found myself  in a routine that I do not enjoy and I was not having fun.

I made my mind right then and there that it was time for a change. I need to be challenged more because I have been too accustomed to my work and my lifestyle. I'm living with my parents that I find myself relying on them so much that I no longer feel motivated to work hard. So I decided to get one item on my bucket list out of the way which is ...  (to build my dream house) before I turn 28 years old. Over a couple of months I will be acquiring a piece real estate and hopefully get to design my dream house. In the next couple of years I will be working hard to accomplish this project and hopefully get this done before my 28th birthday in August 2014.

I know it will be tough financially and I may have to cut back on my spending especially on my travelling but I feel that this is the challenge that I need. Also I need a place of my own where I can be independent from my family and start fresh. Basically I just want to be responsible for myself and I want to see how far I can go on my own.

Wish me luck!

So what's your plan for your future? 

Friday, May 18, 2012

What's in my work bag 2012

Good day everyone!
 Us girls can rarely go out into the world without our most priced companion to carry our every day necessities and to complete the look of our daily outfit, ... our BAGS!

I'm currently using this bright red handbag that I got from Mark and Spencer for work. I know it is very bright and eye catching but I love it, it holds all the things that I need and it is a good pop of color to any outfit.

From top left and so on...

Mini coach coin purse with my house key attached
Mobile phones
Tarsier fluffy coin purse (souvenir from Bohol Philippines)
Wallet (Glitzyglam)
Book that I'm reading at the moment
Samsumg MP3 player with a panda accessory from Ocean Park Hongkong

Oakley Frogskin sunglasses
host of medicine and plasters (my drugs of choice!hehehe)
Pen and permanent marker
Hand sanitizer
Tea packet
Decanted body spray, bunch of lip products, foundation stick and a comb
Tissues (Wet and dry)
Compact with retractable hair brush
Blotting paper
Snack (Natures Valley Trail Mix) YUM!!!
Souvenir from Thailand given by my boss
Hair clip and clamp

That's all folks!!! So what do you carry in your handbag?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Top 3 Summer Movies of 2012

I love going to the movies with my friends especially to the most anticipated blockbuster films. Here are  my top 3 summer movies of 2012.

Top 3 - The Hunger Games
I am a huge huger Games fan, I have read all 3 books twice last 2011 and I have been anxiously waiting for the movie.  I was a little bit disappointed with the movie because my expectations were a bit high since I knew the story by heart and they made some changes in story to make things shorter and compact. But overall the movie made was good and for those people who have not read the book and watched the movie gave it a rating of 8 out of 10. I am biased since I know the book by heart so I give this movie 6.5 out of 10. I can't wait for Catching Fire to come out. 

Top 2 - Avengers
Avengers was awesome, they made the transition from the individual story of Thor, Iron Man and Captain America so clear that it would seem that the ending of the movie Captain America was the beginning of Avengers and I loved it. It was super funny as well, I never thought that an action movie would contain so many funny moments (fave part: Hulk beating Loki like a rag doll). Although it has some dragging parts in the beginning of the movie since they were trying to show the connection of events but in the end was full of action. This movie is a good 8.5 for me.  

Top 1 - Battleship
My boyfriend and guy friends were looking forward to this movie since we saw the trailer whilst watching the Hunger Games. We made plans to watch this movie together and we absolutely enjoyed this movie. I was not really expecting to like this movie since from the title its looks like a proper guys movie all action and stuff but I really liked it. There was so single boring moment in the movie, it was action packed and it was all around awesome. This is a 10 for me.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 2012 Retail Theraphy

I went on a little retail therapy on May 1st since it was a non-working holiday "Labor Day" that day and the mall where my boyfriend was working was having a massive sale. So I decided to drop by and have a look around but in the end I came out with a bunch of stuff.


I got 2 pairs of ballet flats because I don't really have a good pair of flat shoes to go on errands with and  pair up with casual outfits when I don't feel like wearing heels. These pair of flat ballet shoes are called softawalkers  by the brand "unlimited" and there are really cute. They were on offer buy two and get 20% off so I got them and I have already started to wear them but these shoes really needs to be broken in.

similar tank tops

Then I went and picked up 3 tank tops of the same design because I liked how it fits my body and I rarely find a tank top that it long and flattering on. Also the material is so soft and it is just so comfortable to wear.

Identical dress

I also got a dress in red and in black because when I tried it on, the fit and the cut was just perfect for me. It is a simple dress that is not too short and it can be worn casually or formal and it can be paired up with different accessories since the design is simple. They were on sale for 50% off and I was really attracted to the red because I don't have a red dress in my wardrobe but then I also spotted the black in since I really love the fit of the dress I decided to get them both.


 I also got this sleeveless top with a peter pan collar. They don't have the one in my size but I really like this top because its simple and I figure that I could dress it up by adding bold accessories and use as layering piece.  In the end I got it in the next size up and I figured I could just tuck it in my jeans and shorts and it would look cute.

book hauls 

 Finally, I went and popped in a bookstore to get some new books since I'm running low on books to read and I found these books by Lauren Oliver. I watched Elle's glitterature on Delirium and it really piqued my interest so I decided to have a read for myself.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel foundation Review

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I have been using this new Maybelline foundation over my summer holiday and here is my review about it.

I was specifically looking for a light drugstore foundation for the summer so I took into consideration the coverage and the packaging. I was looking for a foundation that is easy to travel with and the Maybelline foundation is just that. The way it is packaged is perfect for travelling because it comes in a plastic tube and you have to squeeze the tube in order for the product to come out.

On the actual the product it comes with a good range of shades and mine is in 22 natural beige, I swatched in the store but the shades kind of runs a bit light when you blend it so better choose the darker than your normal shade. The foundation has a water-based formula that gives the skin light and fresh sensation. It also has chamomile, aloe and Vitamin E that gives you a cool and soothing feeling once you apply the foundation on your face. I usually dot the foundation of the different parts of my face and blend and buff it with my ELF flat top kabuki brush. I think this foundation is perfect for summer because it cools your skin once you apply it. It has enough coverage to hide minor imperfections but in my case I had to use concealer because I have really bad hyperpigmentation. For those with fairly good skin this foundation is perfect for you because it is water based so it doesn't clog pores and I found that this foundation doesn't break me out which is a very big plus in my book. I also like that this foundation is fragrance free.

The only negative thing I can say about this product is that it doesn't last very long on my skin because I have really oily skin. It claims that it can control shine for all day perfect looking skin but I find myself blotting excess oil halfway through the day. This would work perfectly for people with normal to dry skin. Other than constant face blotting I really have no other problem with this foundation. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Good Finds: IN2IT Lipsticks

It has been awhile since I have found a product that I really like. I was shopping in my local mall on a hunt for a bright pink lipstick and I happen to pass by the IN2IT counter. I was so happy  when I found the exact bright pink color that I have been wanting ever since I watched FleurDeForce beauty videos. Even though I'm not familiar with the brand I still decided to pick 2 lipsticks since it was on sale and the colors looked beautiful when swatched.

Left: Pink alarm (true hot pink)
Right: Flame (bright orange red)

 I was completely drawn by the cute packaging. The packaging is very sleek but quite girly with the swirly design on the base and the sparkly rhinestone design on the lipstick cap. I definitely give it 9 out of 10 for packaging. 

Top: Pink alarm 
Bottom: flame

The color payoff is great. It glides on smoothly and it is so moisturizing on the lips. It is long wearing and its waterproof. Well I don't know about the waterproof part because it does wear off but it definitely last longer than other drugstore lipsticks I've tried. I'll give it about 8 out 10 in staying power.

Wearing Pink Panic

Wearing Flame

I am really impressed with these lipsticks. It is unscented,  has high coverage and contains vitamin E, sweet almond oil, evening primrose that help moisturize your lips. It also has an SPF 15 agains UVB rays and PA++ agains UVA rays. I can personally say that IN2IT lipsticks is way better than other drugstore lipsticks. I would definitely try out more of IN2IT make-up since there products is specially formulated for Asian skin.  

Top 5 Summer Beauty Essentials

SPF/Sunblock for the face and body - I prefer my SPF to have a factor 50 or more especially for my face. SPF is important to protect your skin from getting burned and also being exposed to the sun without any SPF can worsen any hyperpigmentation that you may have. It is important to find a good and gentle SPF for your face that is light, unscented and will dry matte or dry into powder form because these kinds of SPF will not clog your pores. As for the body any SPF with a factor 50 or more will do.

Tinted Moisturizer or Light foundation - This may not be a essential for other girls with beautiful skin but I have a lot of acne scaring and I am not really that confident to go out the door without any kind of foundation on my face to cover my acne scars. Since it is summer I tend not to go for full face makeup but I make sure that I have a little bit of foundation and concealer on just enough to conceal my hyperpigmentation from my acne scars. I always make sure to wear face primer underneath to keep what little foundation on my face from melting. 

Bright Fun Moisturising Lipstick - Since it is summer you can go all out and wear fun bright lipsticks. I like to keep my make-up on summer to a minimum so I rarely wear any eye makeup at all, just my minimal foundation and concealer to even-up my complexion. Wearing a bright and fun lip color would definitely make your lips be focus and this would make you look put together without to much effort. I prefer to use moisturising lipsticks because my lips tend to get dry and chapped during the summer.  If you don't have a moisturising lipstick then do not worry. Just use any lipstick of your choice but be sure to put lip balm first before applying your lip color, this would help keep your lips moisturized.

Sun Glasses/Shades - your shades will not only finish your summer look but it will hide the fact that you are not wearing any eye makeup and it will protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the summer sun. 

Body spray/mist - it is always important to keep smelling fresh. My favorite summer scent is the cooling mist in "Sweet Pea" from Bath and Body Works. 

 Enjoy your summer everyone!

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