Thursday, May 3, 2012

Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel foundation Review

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I have been using this new Maybelline foundation over my summer holiday and here is my review about it.

I was specifically looking for a light drugstore foundation for the summer so I took into consideration the coverage and the packaging. I was looking for a foundation that is easy to travel with and the Maybelline foundation is just that. The way it is packaged is perfect for travelling because it comes in a plastic tube and you have to squeeze the tube in order for the product to come out.

On the actual the product it comes with a good range of shades and mine is in 22 natural beige, I swatched in the store but the shades kind of runs a bit light when you blend it so better choose the darker than your normal shade. The foundation has a water-based formula that gives the skin light and fresh sensation. It also has chamomile, aloe and Vitamin E that gives you a cool and soothing feeling once you apply the foundation on your face. I usually dot the foundation of the different parts of my face and blend and buff it with my ELF flat top kabuki brush. I think this foundation is perfect for summer because it cools your skin once you apply it. It has enough coverage to hide minor imperfections but in my case I had to use concealer because I have really bad hyperpigmentation. For those with fairly good skin this foundation is perfect for you because it is water based so it doesn't clog pores and I found that this foundation doesn't break me out which is a very big plus in my book. I also like that this foundation is fragrance free.

The only negative thing I can say about this product is that it doesn't last very long on my skin because I have really oily skin. It claims that it can control shine for all day perfect looking skin but I find myself blotting excess oil halfway through the day. This would work perfectly for people with normal to dry skin. Other than constant face blotting I really have no other problem with this foundation. 

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