Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Travel 101: Things to do before travelling

I love to travel and I have my routine that I do approximately a week before the actual travel date to make my travelling smooth and stress free.

1. Print out a copy of your plane tickets and hotel accommodations.

2. Plan out your vacation itinerary.
(complete with directions on how to get to places)

3. Make a budget for your entire trip plus extra for shopping.

4. List down emergency contact information.
(phone numbers, email addresses, address of your country's embassy)

5. Plan out your outfits for the trip and always provide extra outfit for emergencies.
(Include the underwear and footwear)

6. Make your personal checklist specifically tailored for your travel needs.
(Detailed checklist containing all the things that you need to pack)

7. Prepare shopping list, this would make shopping easier and more efficient.
(Including souvenirs and personal items you want to buy)

8. Finish-up any pending work so you can take your vacation without any worries.

You may notice from the list above that I'm a bit of a control freak but I like things to be in order so I can truly enjoy myself when travelling. To each his own, that is just what I do so I'm curious whats your travel routine?

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