Thursday, September 26, 2013

Life Update: Wedding Stress...

A lot of things has happened over the last couple of months. Sting, my boyfriend for 8 years, proposed to me in August.  He and his parents then formally asked for my hand in marriage from my parents in early September and since then we have been scrambling all month to book our wedding needs. It has been so hectic, hence the apparent lack of blog post. So I decided to do a little update of whats been going on with my life.

Both of our families have decided to hold the wedding ceremony this coming December 21, 2013 and that about gave us roughly 3 to 4 months to prepare.  This is by no means a shotgun wedding if your thinking why all the rush. It is simply because here in the Philippines we have this tradition or belief that siblings can't get married on the same year or else bad things or circumstances will befall upon the family. Sting's brother is scheduled to be married next year January 2014 and for some reason they could not reschedule it. Sting wanted to get married really badly and felt that 2015 is to long so we opted for December 2013.

Three to Four months of wedding preparation is certainly not impossible but it is sure a lot work. The first thing we did was picked a date and booked our Church and Venue. Wedding at December is a nightmare at finding venues. Most of the big hotels are booked as early as June for the Christmas parties for big companies. It was a daunting task but after spending a whole day going around all the hotels and party venue we managed to book a 180 to 200 capacity venue at Pearlmont Inn. Pearlmont is a quaint but luxurious Inn, with intricately designed interior and it serves good food for a fairly reasonable price. It was really lucky that they still had the schedule open.

With so many things to get done, the wedding invitations, guest list, gowns, the entourage, the cake and food, and OMG the prenuptial pictures and videos, I guess I'll have my hands full until the end of November. But there is light in my horizon becuase I'm going to South Korea this coming October for 5 days with my friends for a mini vacation. I'll get to relax and recharge before tackling the mountain of tasks ahead. It surely is stressful but I'm happy. Its quite weird its a complete mixture of emotions but all of it mostly positive and I need all the positive reinforcement I can get. 

I understand that this had become quite a long ramble so I'll cut it here, wish me luck! 


  1. Congratulations on your engagement! Don't stress with the planning too much! Hope you have fun in S. Korea!

    1. Thanks Ashey! I'm a huge Kpop fan so I'm super excited for my Korea Trip.

  2. so exciting and congrats! it'll be hectic, but it'll also be so nice to be married so soon :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

    1. Thanks Jackie! I feel excited and scared at the same time.hehe


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