Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 2013 in Pictures

Fair warning, picture heavy post :)
My favorite playmate. He never leaves my side when he visits.
Green Hat by What a Girl Wants
First ever shopping date with office friends. So much fun! 
Lunch at Golden Ajirang (Korean restaurant) and desserts at White Hat. Enjoying good food with good friends.
Finally got my hands on Makebytoni flat top brush plus a free duo fiber dome shaped blending brush.
Having our fast food fix at McDonald's after a busy workday.
 So tired after all that playing. He was in such a deep sleep he did not notice that I took this photo of him. I'm having major lash envy! >_<
Quality time with my guy!
Having a duel.
 My vitamins and medication, it's a good thing they look so cute!
Got this watch for free thanks to my BDO Credit Card Perks.
Friday dinner at TGIF Centrio Mall
 I'm getting hungry again. Salivating!
Meet my friend Reggie
Friends and travel buddies... (Left to Right) Joerome and Chaky. 
We looked so stuffed after eating all those delicious food that Reggie's mom cooked.
 Doing accounting to keep my finances in line.
 So until next time... bye! 

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  1. These pictures are so fun! Really liked the collages you made too!


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