Friday, March 21, 2014

Play time at Trickeye Museum in Korea

This is essentially a photo dump from my happy time at the trick-eye museum at Seoul Korea. I took a little holiday with my girlfriends last year to Korea, months before my wedding to unwind and to finally see the sparkling country of Asia. I had a wonderful time exploring Korea but the little kid in me went a little crazy in the museum. 
Ooohhh naughty girl!
Now I know why he made that face.haha
Any last words?
These wings are made to fly
Dude! you should really stay dead.
my time is running out
Don't eat me... I'm not that yummy!!!


  1. that looks so fun! :))
    how much did it cost?

    1. Hi, my pocket money when I went to Korea was about $300 to $500. It was enough to cover accommodations, food, entrances and a little bit of shopping.


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