Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bangkok Travel Part 5: Bangkok Haul

Bangkok is well known shopping destination so before embarking on my trip I saved-up my money and did some major damage at Bangkok. In Bangkok you can get fashionable items with great quality for super cheap price. Most of the things I bought was from the Platinum mall and from the airport Duty Free.

Black jersey play suit - 400 Baht
The fabric feels heavy and it really accentuates your curves. The bottom part have those huge flares that from a far it looks like a I'm wearing a dress but its not. This suit feels so comfortable on and  the quality is great. 
Black maxi dress - 250 Baht
Asymmetrical Skirt - 150 Baht
Tiger Shirt - 190 Baht

 Tiger shirt with back to back print - 150 Baht
Crayon Base Coat - 95 Baht
Crayon Top Coat  - 95 Baht
Revlon Base Coat - 180 Baht
Press-on nails - 90 Baht 
Nail Glue - 50 Baht
Eye lashes - 350 Baht
Eye lash glue - 80 Baht
Revlon Eye shadow palette in Rich Temptation - 330 Baht
Revlon Creme lipstick in Blackberry - 190 Baht
As you can see with just one swipe, the eyeshadows are really pigmented and the colors are pretty neutral. This palette will pretty much become my every day palette.
All the jewelries were no more than 200 Baht each.

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