Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bangkok Travel Part 2: Shows and Tour Packages

Here are the shows and tours package to see in Bangkok

Siam Niramit Show. This must-see spectacular show is performed on the gigantic stage listed in the Guinness World Records!The show features over 100 performers, lavish costumes and stunning set designs. Enhanced special effects and the world's most advanced technology are used to produce a very realistic, stimulating and inspiring experience.
 1st stop of the so called Safari Tour - Kanchanaburi War Cemetery where all the war victims are buried. I've read most of the gravestones and found out that most of them have American or English names.

 Second stop - Art Gallery & War museum
At the museum deck overlooking the old railway which was bombed, restored and still being used up to this day.
Close encounter with baby cheetah
Friends we made on the tour
3rd stop - Authentic Thai lunch by the river side
4th stop - Bamboo rafting
5th stop - Elephant ride
6th and final stop - Waterfall
Safely arrived at our hotel after a whole day of fun activities.
Nightly entertainment - Calypso Cabaret where lady boys will put on spectacular production numbers.

For the boys, they can also enjoy the exotic "Tiger" which is actually "Thai Girl" show. This show is widely offered at Patpong but do arrange it with your hotel for this show. The hotels know which establishments are legit because most of the establishment offering this show in Patpong are owned by the mafia and will definitely scam you. 

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