Monday, September 12, 2011

Book review "Poor little Bitch Girl"

I had just finished reading this book "Poor Little Bitch Girl" by Jackie Collins and it was quite entertaining. It is such a good read, it is perfect for the beach and just a feel good book. Basically it is about a group people who knew each other in high school and somehow their path have crossed again in the future when an interesting thing happens. The book shows us the life of the people living in LA and New York. How the rich and famous people lived and it also has some juicy romance stuff. Who would have thought that a plain Jane in high school would become a successful defence lawyer and that the popular girl in high school needs her help. It also has stories about life in high school and what happens after high school. Well I love this book and my favorite character out of the bunch is Denver because she is most real and people can easily relate with her character and she is also the most level headed or practical character in the book. So I would definitely recommend this, it is perfect pick me up book!

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