Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Whats in my bag?

Well since everyone seems to be curious what other people bring along with them in their purse/handbag I decided to do this tag as well.

♥ This is my trusty Kathy Van Zeeland handbag. This was given to me by my aunt for Christmas of 2010 and I love this bag so much because it can hold a lot and I mostly carry this bag to work.
Lets start from the upper left going to right.
♥ silver make-up pouch
♥ black wallet, brown coin purse and ID/License case
♥ hairbrush, set of keys with monkey face on it
♥ wooden fan to cool myself
♥ umbrella (very important especially during monsoon season) we don't want to get wet don't we?
♥ Nine West shades also given to me by my aunt. Thank you auntie ^_^
♥ Planner, little notepad, 5 pens (A girl can't have to many pens!)
♥ A book I'm currently reading and loving it is "The girl who played with fire" by Stieg Larsson
♥ My phones which I would die if I'm without it... My Nokia E63 and Samsung Champ
♥ Mints and candies, Lighter (I don't smoke but I like having a lighter with me), Hand Sanitizer, Bag holder

For my make-up pouch...

♥ wet and dry tissues. I always need tissues they are essential.
♥ Maybeline Powder in Natural and my Silk Secrets oil blotting papers to remove thy shine on thy face >_<
♥ various lip products: Revlon Just bitten lip stain in color "Flame" (love!), Loreal colour juice stick in "Watermelon" (very moisturizing also love!), Maybeline color sensational in "Coral Pink" (daily lipstick its amazing), Nivea Essential Care Lip balm (Essential), Revlon Super Lustrous gloss in "Coral Reef" (Favorite gloss atm), Avon Lip pencil in "Red"
♥ Random medications for tummy ache and medical bandage for boboos
♥ Mirror broken in half (how clumsy of me!)
♥ Maybeline Angelfit perfect concealer to hide them spots
♥ Marionnaud retractable powder brush
♥ nail clipper and my sample size Burberry Beat perfume (my daily scent, I adore the clean fresh scent of BB Beat)
♥ Disposable earplugs (idk why that's in there), 3 q-tips and some hairgrips

Well that's all that I carry, I hope I did not bore you too much. So now that you have seen whats in my bag, what is in yours?

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