Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beauty Haul

I was going home from work and I dropped by Watson's, our local drugstore, to buy one thing and as usual I came out with five.  Lets first take a look at the impulse purchases that I've made, as you can see there is a pink theme going on here.
I was looking around the makeup section of the store and I spotted these pink products with hearts on it and thought to myself, oh its almost Valentine's day and these have hearts and I need them. I don't know what happened, somehow along the way I've convinced myself that I needed to buy them. Thank goodness they were inexpensive, no more than Php200 each or $ 5 each.
4U2 dreamGirl Lovelight BB Powder SPF 15 PA++ in O3

 I saw Miss Say purchased this product in one of her Vlogs and I thought I'd try it. The shade is a bit dark for me and I thought this could work as a contour powder.
4U2 dreamGirl Touch Loose Powder in 02 Medium Beige
Again this purchase was because Miss Say recommended this setting powder and I thought this powder was perfect to throw in the purse and touch up during the day since my face is such a grease-ball that I often need to blot and powder.
Nichido Juicy Lips in Pink Champagne
I had to pick this up because I don't have any lipstick color like this one in my collection and it was so cheap around Php 88 or $ 2. Surprisingly it is so moisturizing, it glides on well when you apply it and it feels light on the lips like a lip balm. The pigmentation is a bit sheer but buildable. It definitely makes your lips look juicy which is perfect for the upcoming Valentine's date. *wink... wink... 
 This one is a repurchase. I was running out of lip balm and I found that these are the best I've tried so far.
 And finally you can see here that my main purpose in going to Watson's was to pick up my favorite Nivea deodorant which ironically has also accents of pink. Somebody stop me from buying cute pink things.hehe I'm excited to play around with my new purchases and I'll maybe do an update on how I feel about these products soon. Until next time, bye!


  1. That's awesome you had a pink theme going, hehe. I love the baby lips lip balm I have, I want to try more "flavors".

    1. did not really plan for it though, it just happend that way!hehe

  2. You got some amazing things, lucky girl!

    A little bit Unique


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  3. Beautiful :) I love it!

    I am your new follower now, hope you follow back on

  4. Hi! That's a nice information to share.
    Nice blog by the way.
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