Saturday, February 9, 2013

Geometric Friday!

It's time for my Friday OOTD. I wear my office uniform from Monday to Thursday but on Friday's we get to wear casual and office appropriate clothes. So here's my outfit for the day.
I was experimenting on combining geometric patterned tops with earth tone colors and I found that cool colors work well with earth tones. I found that by layering this very loud geometric top with a brown blazer the colors of the top really pops. The eyes are automatically drawn to the colors and pattern of the top.

Terranova corduroy blazer * Mango corduroy pants
I paired the outfit with my Mango pants again because these pants are the comfiest pants I've ever owned and its very flattering for the figure. I also love that this blazer is so soft and warm plus it has grampa elbow pads although its not noticeable here in the pictures.
South Shores top * Red suede belt from SM Accessories
Giordano watch * Bracelet from Aizylym Enterprises
Accessories were kept to minimum because the top itself was so loud. I got my bracelet in a store located at our market place for a super affordable price. Click here to view my haul. 
Centropel Boots
Topped the outfit with my studded boots for some added height. This gives the illusion of longer legs since both the pants and boots are of the same color.
Also did some hair experimentation. What do you think? Straight or Curly?

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