Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's day and almost all of the people are spreading the love. Couples going on dates, singles going to parties with friends to celebrate their singleness or independence as some call it and some chooses to spend Valentine's day with their families at home. Well, I would describe my Valentine's day as definitely a happy one, filled with love, laughter, and fun.

I had to work so I made no plans for the day, it was all up to Sting since he had the day off, all I know is we're gonna meet after work to have dinner somewhere. I arrived at work and found a beautiful bouquet waiting for me on my table with a card saying Happy Valentine's day and I love you from Sting.  It was so unexpected and so sweet of him. I also got some flowers and sweet pastries from some of my co-workers and friends which made my day extra special. 

Since it's Valentine's day and I received flowers that will wilt after a day and cakes that I'll consume, I took a lot of photos to remember it by and here they are.
Got this beautiful bouquet from my boyfriend (Sting). This was the first Valentine's gift that I received for the day. He's not one to give flowers since he knows I feel sad when they eventually wilt but it sure does feel good to receive a lovely bouquet such as this.
Got this delicious rum cake from a co-worker Sir Ed. This was so yummy!

Every female employee in our office received a single red rose from our boss Sir Neogen. Never had a boss that was so thoughtful and its little gesture like this that make employees feel appreciated.
 Ladies of the Accounting department posed for a picture to send to our boss as thank you for the roses.
My good friend Winston went above and beyond and gave me this delicious red velvet cupcake which he baked himself and this adorable bouquet. 
 I love these flowers, I'll enjoy and appreciate them while they're still beautiful.
 My friend Mia also got flowers from Winston as well as two lovely ladies namely Kaycee and Lovely Jane. Honestly, I've never met a guy who is thoughtful enough to buy us four girls a bouquet each. It must have cost him a lot because the price of flowers during Valentine's day is extortion. Thank you Winston!
Goofing around with Miss Pami.hehe
 These are all that I got for Valentine's day or whats left of it. I could not control myself, I already ate the rum cake and all that's left is that heart shaped card that I stuck behind the cupcake.
 Finally met up with Sting

 In the end we spent our Valentine's dinner with family. We ordered food to go since restaurants and diners were packed and it was nice to spend time with my family.  My Valentine's day may not be as romantic as those in the movies but I would not have it any other way. Thank you to Sting, Winston, Sir Ed and Sir Neogen for giving me those beautiful flowers and pastries. You guys really know how to spoil a girl. 


  1. Oh my lucky girl! You are definitely loved! Happy Valentine's Day, friend! :)

    1. Thanks Ashley! Hope you'll have lovely day with your husband.

  2. love this!

  3. Aww... Lovely flowers ♥ and I love that lippie! What's that? :) Hehehe... Thank you for dropping by my blog earlier and leaving that sweet comment :)

    Your new follower,

    PS. Angelo Falconi and Pond's are giving away fabulous products! I would love it if you could check it out too! HUGS!

  4. those flowers are beautiful! xxx


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