Saturday, May 11, 2013

Puerto Princessa Palawan Day 1

Hello were finally back from our little holiday at Palawan and here is the first installment of my fun adventure with the guys.

Woke up pretty early to catch the 1st flight out of Cagayan de Oro to Cebu City and from Cebu we have a 1:00 pm flight to Puerto Princesa Palawan. Honestly we had so much trouble with the logistics for this trip but we still enjoyed every bit of it.
Sting and I making a face while on our flight to Cebu. Woke up pretty early around 4:00 am, got ready and we're out the door. Good thing my makeup turned out okay, if I say so myself. (patting myself on the back)
Every time Sting and I travel together, whenever the plane takes off and land, Sting always hold my hand. 
Meet my travel companions. From left to right we have Sting, Chaky, Reggie, Jimsky, and Joe. I know you're thinking that I'm the only girl in the group, and you're definitely right! I have been travelling with these guys locally and internationally over the past couple of years and most of the time I'm the only girl in the group. Its no big deal, they are group of good decent men with quite a dirty sense of humor but I'm already used to it. What I like about these guys is they sure know how to have fun.
Popped to SM Cebu for lunch because we had time before our next flight to Palawan. Ordered some Chinese and Halo-halo for dessert. 
Beautiful sky for flying.
Burned my tongue with the Airline's complementary tea. 

Touchdown and Puerto Princesa Airport
After settling down at our hotel, we went for a little walk around the area and also to find a place to get dinner. The streets of Puerto Princesa was not what I expected. It was clean, relaxed, there was definitely no traffic and the drivers were surprisingly very level headed. I was expecting it to be all hustle bustle since it is one of the most popular tourist place in the Philippines but it turned out the opposite, which was very refreshing.

The mode of public transportation in Puerto Princesa is the Tricycle. It fits around 3 to 4 person per trip and it's a nice way of seeing the sites of the city. 
 The city feels like an urbanized province. It has the facilities and infrastructure of a proper city but it has a feel of  rural Province. I'm quite taken with this black and white mural of a school, it shows that they really put emphasis in taking care of nature and tourism. Palawan is also one of the cleanest cities of the Philippines, I learned that from our tour guide Neil.
 Dinner at Kinabuchs, one of the famous grill and bar in Puerto Princesa. The place gets pretty packed with tourist and local alike.  They serve some interesting food here which attracts people especially the tourist. Can you guess what it is? 
Crocodile Meat!
Yup! They serve crocodile meat and we ordered them. On the upper left, it's the Croc Adobo and on the right, it's the Croc Sisig. Crocodile meat to me, taste like pork with the aftertaste of fish. If it was served to me, without me knowing it was crocodile meat, I would say it taste like old pork. Well aside from that, we ordered other "normal" food as we call it, we had the Pork Crispy Pata on the lower left and the Sisling Squid on the lower right. The food here was great and the ambiance was excellent. I do recommend that you visit this place when you go to Palawan.


  1. Love these pictures, especially the blue sky view from the plane! I've never tried Crocodile Meat before... but I probably would have ordered it too just to try it! :)

    1. We were lucky that it was a good day for flying.hehe

  2. Who organized your underground river tour by the way?

    1. The Inn that we stayed at took care of all our tours. Most of the hotels there have tour packages so just call them up. I haven't finished putting up day 3 yet but I recommend going to Kalui's restuarant when you go to Palawan. You need a day reservation to go there but Its worth it. The food and place were great!

    2. Noted! I'll check your day 3 post. :)


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