Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beating the Summer Heat

It may still be winter or spring in some other countries but here in the Philippines it is officially summer and it's scorching hot. I love summer because the weather is always bright and sunny but sometimes I find that the sun gets too hot that it would be uncomfortable to wear jeans and pants. So for those hot summer days here are my two go to outfits.
Thrifted Top * Pink Shorts from Cache Cache 
Grandma's Hat * Giordano Watch * SM Accessories Belt * Aizylim Gold cuff bracelet
For these type of weather, the less fabric there is the better. 
suYS shoes
NY Hat * Oakley Shades
Thrifted Peach chiffon top * RED denim shorts * SM Accessories Belt * Aizylim bracelet
Shoes from DCLA
These outfits are perfect for running errands, weekend overtime at the office, and also hanging out with friends at the beach.  

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