Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Products I've Used up... Will I repurchase?

As you may know, I usually hoard a lot of products due to my ever constant shopping trips and I do like to try out new things. It is hard for me to finish up products completely because I often switch products but, when I do finish products off I feel really good and accomplished. So here are the products that I've used up over the couple of months.

Opal One minute treatment "Anti-dandruff" - I do really love this product and there is no question that I will definitely repurchase it again. I has a nice sweet clean scent and it really does relieve my scalp from itching. I wash my hair everyday because Philippine weather is really hot and humid. I really like my hair to feel clean and fresh everyday. The downside from constant washing is it does leave my scalp dry and prone to flaking. I use this product every other day after I shampoo my hair to help condition my scalp and so far I've been loving it.

Nivea extra whitening anti-perspirant - This is the only anti-perspirant that really works for me. It keeps my underarms dry and it has a nice scent. Since it is an aerosol it gives a cool sensation when applied. I have not found an anti-perspirant that works for me other than this one but it is quite difficult to travel because of the airport security.

Beauche Toner - This is my all time favorite toner and my skin can't cope without it. I wish they have bigger bottles than the 120 ml ones because I go through them like crazy. I apply it morning and night and I feel like this toner helps control my skin from breaking out. This toner have a sweet candy like scent to it that I love. I totally recommend this toner and I could not live without it. It may be difficult to find it because it is not available in the local pharmacy or drugstore, they are only available on selected Beauche stalls and direct sellers. 

Beauche Clarifying Solution " Tretinoin Hydroquinone" - This product is a staple in my night regiment . I only this product at night after I use my toner since it is quite strong but it leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. I feel that it gets off the dirt that the cleanser and the toner didn't. I would definitely repurchase this product again.

Pyodontyl plus toothpaste - I got this one as a recommendation from my doctor beacause I have sensitive gums but I feel that it doesn't do much. It doesn't have a minty flavour so I'm not really sure if it does freshen my breath and I feel that my teeth looked somewhat yellow when I used it. I will probably not repurchase this one in the near future.

Revlon ColorStay active in "Ivory"- This foundation is not a match for my skin, it is too light for my skin tone but I don't want to waste it so I mixed it with my other foundation. I swear by the Revlon ColorStay foundation and I use it everyday but I will not repuchase this again because this one is not a match to my skintone. I however totally recommend the Revlon ColorStay line.

Maybelline Impact Express liquid liner - It is a felt tip liner and it is a pretty decent liner. It does not smudge and applies well however it does really dry out pretty fast. I will not repuchase this one in the near future because there are cheaper felt tip liners out there that are equally as good as this one. 

Stila Smudge pot in "black" - it is a great gel liner but it is ridiculously expensive. Mine dried out before I could completely use it up so I don't think its worth the price. There are other cheaper gel liners from Maybelline that would be just as good. I would not repurchase this one.

ELF eyelid primer - This is a decent eye primer. This one came in a pack of three from the holiday collection and I love it. It is inexpensive and it works great for daily wear. I would definitely repuchase this product again. 

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