Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My go to Fall/Autumn Nail Polish

I switch among these 3 colors in the Fall/Autumn season. Every time I use these polishes my nails would just look sophisticated and edgy at the same time.

Revlon's "Naughty" - perfect for casual day outing
This polish changes color depending on the light, sometimes it would look gray, taupe, and purple. You definitely need to see the color of this one in person because this picture does not do it justice.

Revlon's "Bewitching" -  perfect deep berry red 
Perfect polish for those glamorous holiday parties.
 Orly in "Blue Velvet" - good for days when you want to look edgy but classy
When applied, the polish dries matte in about 10 seconds so I did not have time to clean the smudges out but I love the color. The name Blue Velvet describes the color and the finish well, it really does look like velvet from a far. I did put Revlon's top coat over the polish to give it some shine.

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