Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 2012 Collective Haul

Before I was on my spending ban with beauty products, I had accumulated quite a bit skincare products that I have not hauled and reviewed. So I'll just do this collective haul and mini review for all the things that I purchased for the month of September 2012.
I went to Watsons and got a lot of sheet masks, my favorite are those pastel colored masks from the beauty buffet. I also got some Watsons sheet mask in tomato and cucumber to try out. I also got Cleteque spot treatment because I had a huge spot on my forehead at that time that I really need to get rid off. The product was just okay but I can't say yet that it is my favorite spot corrector. The other stuff I got are tissues, cotton pads, watsons oil blotting sheet and wax.
I also got this whitening peel off mask that is pretty interesting. I wanted to try a peel off mask for those days that I feel my skin needs major exfoliation and this was the only peel off mask I found. The mask was easy to apply and it has a clear color, but oh boy! it surely was a pain to remove. Literally it hurts so bad when its time to remove it and it looks like I'm peeling a layer of skin which is quite fascinating and gruesome at the same time. It did leave my skin soft and smooth afterwards which I like. Oh the pain we girls have to endure for beauty!
Maybeline crayon liner 
This was on one of those stands near the till and I could not resist picking one up. A girl can never have to many black eyeliner. This liner was smooth and easy to apply but I found that it does smudge on me. As for the claim for waterproof, smudge proof and long lasting, it did not do it for me. It is a good liner for the lids but I can't use this for my waterline.
I picked up this daily scrub because the last time I went for my facial appointment I asked the girl that did my facial for a good daily facial exfoliator and she suggested neutrogena. So far I like it, I use it every other day because I don't want to over exfoliate my skin since I am also using the peel off mask twice a week.
I was browsing the home section of "Handy Man" store and I found this candle which smelled amazing. This candle smell like fresh grass and it is so relaxing. This is perfect for those lazy days at home and especially the upcoming holiday season.
I was so happy that when I was browsing at the SM cosmetics section they were again carrying the LA girl cosmetics. I instantly got a back-up of my favorite concealer since I was already rationing my old one for special occasions. I also picked up a back-up of my ELF flat top kabuki brush since my old one is literally falling apart and I also got a white eyeliner for Everbilena.
I also got a dress, white belt and a couple of beanie. I decided to copy Jen from clothesencounters, she always wear her favorite black beanie.
I was also running low on books to read so I picked up these books by Veronica Roth. I've heard great review about these books and it has a dystopian theme like the Hunger Games Trilogy that I loved.

It may be awhile before I can go shopping again since I'm on my spending ban, but I am looking forward to upcoming holidays so I could shop for gifts. Hopefully my spending ban would be over by then. So until next time!!!

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