Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shopping my makeup stash

I was browsing my make-up collection the other day and I realized that I have accumulated quite a number of makeup and it will surely take me a long time to use them all up. I found makeup products that I had for several years now and I really need to throw out. Accumulating so much makeup and only using a a few favorite products is so wasteful. So, I decided that I need to go on another beauty spending ban.  First, I took inventory of my makeup and skincare products and after throwing the expired make-up out I still have a bunch of make-up left.  Then, I decided to use my existing make-up first and only repurchase those essential products that I cannot live without. I figured that by doing this I would not waste money and waste my makeup.

(took a picture of my lip products -  it would take me over a year to use this babies up)
(I'm quite happy with the color selection that I have)

So every time I feel the need to shop, I will check my stash first to see if I have similar products that I could use and if I don't, then I can go buy it. It is important to take inventory of your makeup stash so that you will be reminded of the amount of makeup you have. In my case after looking at my accumulated makeup collection, I don't really feel the need to shop for more.

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