Friday, September 7, 2012

My August 2012 Travels: Kampo De Juan, Duka Bay Resort, Kansilad Resort, Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls,

I did a lot of travelling this past month of August and we were lucky that we had a lot of long national holidays here in the Philippines that month.  We were able to schedule two trips to some of the holiday destinations near our city with my friends and for the office family day we were able to go on a overnight trip to a resort about 8 to 9 hours drive from our city.

We first went to Kampo Juan with my friends on the last week of July, about an hour drive from the city. Kampo Juan is a newly opened Nature/Adventure park where you can enjoy Zip line, thrilling walk on the Hanging bridge and paddling the bicycles on a thin line suspended about a hundred feet above the air. The place was so refreshing and it is a  great break from the busy city life.

The whole DBP Office staff together with their families went on a holiday at Surigao del Sur. We chartered a bus big enough for 50 people and went on a 8 to 9 hours road trip. We departed at 12 midnight and we arrived at Kansilad Resort where we are gonna be staying in around 8:30 AM. We then went to the Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls for the whole day. The next day we went island hopping in the morning before checking-out at the resort to see the world's biggest crocodile in captivity "Lolong". The land travel was very exhausting but the whole experience was worth it!

Finally, on the week before my birthday me and my friends went on an overnight holiday at Duka Bay Resort, about 4 hours drive from the city. We had so much fun, we ate cake, went swimming, told stories, danced all night and enjoyed our time together.  


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