Thursday, August 30, 2012

Its my Birthday!

Its my Birthday! I turned 26 last August 29 and I was so happy to celebrate my birthday with my friends, boyfriend and family.
 My friends gave the August birthday celebrants this delicious cake. 
We spent the weekend before my birthday at a beach resort just having fun.
Reliving our childhood days!
On the day of my birthday, I spent it with my boyfriend and family.
In the morning, Sting and I went to a church to pray and light a candle before having lunch together. We then spent the whole afternoon shopping for my gift and simply killing time before we go home for dinner together with my family.
 My aunt cooked quite a feast! The food was simply delicious.
My nephews and niece gave me this lovely cake! I get to make my wish and blow the candles.

Overall, I had a wonderful birthday and I would like to thank everybody that wished me a happy birthday and for my family, boyfriend and friends for celebrating my birthday with me. Thank you! I'm looking forward to a good year ahead!

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