Sunday, August 12, 2012

Haul: Another Collective haul August 2012

I went shopping again. I know, I have been extremely naughty this month and I am justifying these shopping spree as my gift to myself because August is my birth month. I think that justifies it maybe. eeek!  >_< 

Anyways on to the things that I bought...

I went out and bought a couple of books because I ran out of books to read. My bookcase is kinda full and I want to get the Kindle Fire or the Nexus 7 but it is so hard to place an order from the Philippines.

When I was ill and was hospitalized last July 29 to August 1, I did not notice that the jeans that I was wearing got lost or probably stolen at the hospital. I was gutted because those jeans were my favorite and we could not find it anywhere so I bought a few jeans that I liked when I went shopping. 
 This Jag  jeans (29) - Php 1,199.75 / $ 27
These are the push ups jeans / heart shaped risers for a curvy bottom. So these jeans are really flattering on the bum. I can't wear it at the office but these would be perfect on days off paired with heels.
Lee Jeans (28) - Php 1,499.75 / $ 35
These are also lift up jeans but these are black perfect for casual day at the office.
 Wrangler Jeans (27) - P1,299.75 / $30
These are the exact same jeans that was lost/stolen but his one is regular or a bit high waisted compared to my other one. These are the Jess skinny tube jeans and there are so comfortable to wear.
Sogo Swimsuit (L) - Php 1,199.75 / $ 27
We are gonna have an office outing or a family day this coming weekend and we are going to a resort in Surigao so I bought a new suit. 

For the beauty stuff, I got the following items
In2it facial highlighter - Php 399 / $ 9
Elf concealer - P 199.75 / $ 5
Revlon photoready concealer - Php 795 / $19
James Copper make-up brush cleaner - P399.75 / $ 10
Elf eyelid primer - P129.75 / $ 3
Elf blush and bronzer palette - P249.75 / $ 6
Elf eyeshadow brush - Php 129.75 / $3
Elf smudge brush - Php 249.75 / $ 6

For the beauty products, I will do a review on those when I get to play around with them a bit more.

Thank you for stopping by!!!

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