Monday, August 6, 2012

Collective Haul: Jewelry, Beauty and Random Stuff

Back in July before I got ill, I went to our local market place which is pretty much like china town with my friend and we did some inexpensive jewelry shopping. I did not get a chance to post that haul so I decided to lump it all together with my beauty and some school/office supplies haul that I did in early august.

Leather wrap around bracelet with gold studs - $2
I love this bracelet because the leather is soft so it doesn't scratch my skin when I wear it. 
 Silver cuff bracelet - $1.50
I wear this to work almost everyday paired with my silver watch.
 Spiked rings (Gold & Silver) - $0.75 each 
I love it because it is so edgy and it can double as a self defence weapon when you punch someone in the face. Those spikes are pretty sharp so perps beware.
 Mustache ring - $0.50 
 Compact with brush - $0.50
I'm in desperate need of a compact so i decided to get this one with a built in brush.
Fun colored necklace - $1.50
Those colored balls looked like candies and since it so colorful it will go with almost any outfit.

 Stickers - $0.10 each
I walked past the stationary section in the area and I could not resist buying these cute stickers.
Hello Kitty bookmark - $0.25
I love to read and most of my paper bookmarks were really battered so I picked these hello kitty magnetic ones.

After I got out of the hospital and I was advised by my doctor to take a break from work for about a week. I spend a couple of days at home and I became so restless that I had to get out and do some shopping so I did a little damage at my local mall. 
 Marionnaud concealer brush - $1.50 
It has synthetic hair so it does not soak up the products and it just apply concealer like a dream.
 Revlon Kissable Balm stain - $13.50 each
From top to bottom (Smitten, Rendezvous & Romantic)
I have been on a hunt for these balm stain since I saw it on YouTube and finally it came out this week and I bought the all the shades that would suit my complexion. 
Free make-up pouch that comes with my Revlon purchase
 Dental Floss (individually packed) - $1.25
Perfect for carrying in handbag since it is individually packed.
 Shampoo - $3.00
Random shampoo since I always switch out my shampoo.
Mini single hole puncher - $1.10
Yellow Mini Expander Envelope - $1.15
Clear book with Pink Envelope - $2.15
Peach colored Expanded Envelope - $3.10
I bought these organizational envelopes after I saw Alejandra's video from HomeOrganizing. She used binders to organize her big ticket receipts and warranty papers and it reminded me that I needed to sort out my files for those important documents as well.

The yellow mini envelope will be used to keep my important IDs that I don't really need to carry around everyday and as well as installment credit cards receipts and jewelry receipts. The clear book with pink envelope will be used for the warranty and big ticket receipts. Finally the large expanding envelope will be used to organize manuals of gadgets.

Magazines - $7.00 total
I got home interior designs magazines because I'm planning to build my own house. I decided to get some inspiration because I am in the processes of compiling my inspiration book.

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