Friday, August 10, 2012

Foundation Review: Loreal White Perfect Pearl

Retails for about $23 in our local mall and it has 30 ml worth of product

I got this foundation because it says on the label that it is a whitening foundation powered with whitening skincare essence and it has SPF 17/PA ++ which was good because I have a lot of hyperpigmentation from my acne scars and I was hoping to lighten those up. 

It claims to blend in with you natural complexion for a non-cakey non-traceable finish and it leaves skin feeling satin smooth and hydrated all day. Well I decided to test it out and I did not like it. I put in on and I can tell that I am wearing foundation. It does not blend well to my skin and up close I can see that it kinda settled into my pores which I did not like. 

The texture of the product is thick and it is almost like a gel. It does makes my skin feel smooth and from a far it looks okay but with this foundation I have to really work and buff it well to properly blend with my skin. I have oily skin and throughout the day I have noticed that got oily not only in my T-zone but also on my cheeks so it does make the foundation looks muddy on me. As far as the lightening or whitening properties of this foundation I did not notice any change in my dark spots after using it for about a week. So this product is definitely a miss for me.

This foundation may suit better those who have dry to normal skin and also for fairer skin tones because the color selection is very limited and it is more on the fairer side. It does give your a face a smooth and satin finish to it which I like. Because this product has the SPF17/PA++ it can help prevent further darkening of the spots but as to lightening i feel it doesn't do much.

As for me, I would not repurchase this product and I am just using mine up by mixing it with my Revlon colorstay foundation which surprisingly matched my skin complexion well.

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