Friday, October 12, 2012

Chub's Diner Challenge: Sting and I vs Food

Are you up for the challenge?
 Are you sure?

Here are the contenders... on the red corner we have these hungry pair of monsters.hehe 
Meet Sting everyone, my boyfriend, who is making a face at me >:O

and on the blue corner we have the Chubs undefeated burger challenge
One foot burger with a pound of fries and giant milkshake. (we split the milkshake into two)


We were totally defeated! We could not finish the whole meal.

Chub's Diner is a newly opened burger joint in Cagayan de Oro City. It is located at Corrales street near Xavier University. 
They serve delicious burgers, fries, milkshake and oh my favorite "All day breakfast" meals. You can definitely order breakfast meal here at anytime of the day. The prices are reasonable and the food serving are massive. They also offer unlimited brewed coffee or hot chocolate if I'm not mistaken, for every breakfast meal you order. 

They also have this challenge where if you could finish all of those food shown in the picture above (1 foot burger, 1 pound fries, and giant milkshake) in 15 minutes you get the meal for free. If you can't finish it then you have to pay 650 pesos. Oh you also get to choose the flavor of your milkshakes, what type of fries and dip you like, and how you like your burger to be cooked. We chose cookies and cream for our milkshake, Mexicali fries with salsa, and we had our burger patty cooked well done. 

From our experience, I think that for one normal person to finish that monstrous meal in 15 minutes is purely impossible. A professional eater could maybe do it. Nevertheless we really enjoyed the food and the place.

 The place was a bit small but it was cozy enough. The staff were accommodating and the service was okay. We only had to wait for our order for about10 to 15 minutes, which was not that bad because the patty had to grilled. I think the waiting time will depend if the place is packed with customers or not. The food was oh so delicious, the milkshakes was divine. I would definitely go back their again for their milkshakes because they have a couple of different flavors that I like to try out. The fries were just so so for me, but the burger oh my gosh! it was really mouth watering. It was so good!!! notice the number of exclamation points, that's how good the burger taste. It was juicy, a little bit spicy and it had the right amount of saltiness and sweetness that I love. Overall I would give the burger a 4.5 / 5 rating. My only problem with them is that there serving is so big that I can't fit them in my tummy.haha 

Up until now there is no one who holds the record yet, so go and give the challenge a try. 

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