Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Mom Essentials

Being a new mom, I had no Idea what to prepare for me and my baby so I watched many YouTube pregnancy videos but most of the videos were made by US and UK based moms. Philippine hospital policies might not be the same with the US and UK ones.  Here are some things or essentials that I actually used and needed when I had my baby.

            1.  Hospital Bag

                    a.     Two sets of newborn clothes
b.     Newborn Diapers
c.     Adult Diapers (2 to 3 pcs) 
d.     Baby Wipes
e.     Going home clothes baby
f.      Going home clothes mother
g.     Overnight Sanitary Pads
h.     Lip balm (very useful during labor)
i.       Philhealth MDR
j.       Health Insurance (if applicable)

The hospital where I gave birth is an exclusive breastfeeding hospital so we did not bring any bottle and baby formula. Aside from those listed above the hospital provided for everything else.

2.  Belly Binder/ Body Shaper – I used this about 3 days after I gave birth to help my tummy contract and get back to its pre-pregnancy state.

            3. Breast Pump and storage bags (if breastfeeding) - I highly recommend getting the electric one than the manual pump.

            4.  Breast Pads – when the milk comes, this will really come in handy for those leaky breasts.

            5.  Baby carriage and Car Seat

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