Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Etude House in Cagayan de Oro

For all those beauty junkie out there, I'm happy to say that Etude House has finally arrived in Cagayan de Oro. Etude House is a Korean cosmetic company with is known for their quality makeup with very cute and mostly pink packaging. Etude is a cosmetic brand that believes that makeup should be playful and not routine which is definitely evident in their very adorable display. Etude upholds 4 concepts which are high quality, affordability, lovely design and diverse color range. 

The face of Etude House is no other than Sandara "Dara" Park from the group 2NE1.  I think she is perfect for this brand. She is lively, pretty, quirky and bubbly which is what Etude House represent. 

 Etude is also known for their skincare products. Koreans have very flawless skin and Etude facial masks and cleansers are really good. I personally love Etude's sheet masks.
 Pretty girls trying out Etude lippies.

 Kpop stars often sport bold wing liners and fluttery lashes. To get the look, try Etude eye liners and mascara which are specially formulated for Asain girls.
 Etude BB creams are also good. BB creams back in the day was mainly used for post surgery application but it was made popular when Korean celebrities started using them. Etude has a good variety of BB creams and you might just find the right one for you.   
Etude gets an A+ for their super adorable and organized display.

Etude House can now be found in SM City Ground Floor near SM supermarket and Centrio Mall (Ayala Mall) Ground Floor near National Bookstore. Personally I like going to Etude in SM because it is easily accessible, you can really spot the store instantly unlike the one in Centrio where it is located in a corner. The Etude in SM is also bigger than the one in Centrio so I don't feel restricted or claustrophobic when there are a lot of people around.

 So as they say...
 Wanna be Sweet? Play Etude!

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