Sunday, November 18, 2012

My week in Pictures: Nov 12-18, 2012

It was the usual busy work week but I manage to have some fun amidst the hectic and stressful days.
Sting and I hanging out after a stressful day of work. 
Went exploring to the newly opened mall at our city "Centrio Mall". This pic was taken during the Zumba session.
Quiant little park in the middle of the mall.
 Went to the 2nd runway practise of my cousin for their FIDA show. Those female lawyers looked pretty good.
 Goofing around during practise.
 The long wait is over, my Kindle Fire HD has finally arrived.  
The Monsters and cute monster Jr. having dinner at our house.
 While having dinner after a day of shopping... Ren-ren told me "Tita look! its triangles!" So cute!!!
SM was having there shoes and bag sale and I bought this Kimbel mustard bag for Php 900, its original price was Php 1,800.
 I also bought new pair of Slim High Tops Chuck Taylor Converse in the color Charcoal. Its quite different from the usual canvas converse, this one has a leather and suede feel to it. Its quite difficult to describe but I love it. I got it for Php 2,990 its original price was Php 3,990. 

So how was your week?


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