Saturday, June 29, 2013

My June 2013 in Pictures

Most part of my month was spent at home resting due to some allergic reaction that we have yet determined. So besides from doctors appointment, check-ups and laboratory test here are the things that I had done over the past month.
LG-05 Lip gloss from Pinkies Collection
 Mid-day selfie
 Checking emails over a glass of "halo-halo"
 Decided to get physical and enrolled myself in a gym. 
 Favorite White hat order, frozen yogurt with bananas and brownies
 Forced to follow this diet for a while because I had some rashes and bruises on my legs that were diagnosed to be an allergic reaction to something. So stayed on this diet until the doctor could determine what food and meds I am allergic to.
 Get to play dress-up in our national costume for our Independence day celebration. Can you guess what country? I don't even know.haha
 Just kidding the hat wasn't mine. This is what I wore, its a modern take on our national clothes and this type of barong are usually worn by men. But hey, what works for the men surely can work for us women.
Passion Red from Maybelline Color sensational
Play after work? Just let me remove my barong and I'm ready!
Sting and I were Baby sitters for a day and we let Reren run wild in David's Playhouse. 
 Reren was so hungry after that Sting had no trouble feeding him. Look at my boys bonding over a Jollibee meal.
 Sting  got the eyes down.he he So cute!
 Typical weekday work desktop
 Where's the sun? It was super sunny in morning then pouring rain in the afternoon. 
 Road trip to our very own LAX. Don't really know why its called that but it stand for Laguindingan Airport. It is about 30 mins to an hour drive away from the city depending on the traffic.
At least the new airport is bigger than the old one. 

 Singing our hearts out with my girls
Ending the day with a scrumptious eat-all-you-can Korean meal. Using chopsticks is a challenge that I can't surpass so I'll stick to using my fork, thank you very much!he he 

So what have you been up to the past month?

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