Monday, June 10, 2013

Puerto Princessa Palawan Day 4: City Tour (Last Day)

Well, it was our last day in Palawan and we had half a day before we fly back to Cebu City. The agenda for the day is to tour the city.
 The Puerto Princessa Boulevard
It was too hot to go for a walk so we just drove by it. Neil (our tour guide) says this place is really beautiful at night with the lights on and there are also a lot of food stalls that sells diffirent kinds of street food. 
 Plaza Cuartel
This is where the prisoners of war were brought from the World War 2 by the Japanese. The prisoners were used as laborers without pay and later on were killed by burning alive inside a tunnel just behind that left column there. Most of the prisoners were Americans, during WW 2 the Americans and Japanese were battling and Palawan just happens to be right smack in the middle of the war zone.  
 Puerto Princessa Cathedral (just across the Plaza Cuartel)
 Palawan's beauty queen? lol
I was having a look see at the souvenir shops and I found this bejeweled crown and I just had to take a picture. What can I say, it just had to be done.
Went to the highest point in Palawan were you will find this ranch.
 Just look at the view behind us!
 Took a little snack break at Baker's Hill, it is one of the most beautiful garden/park I've seen. People can have picnics here for free. It started as a hobby of the owner and later they developed it into a small park and opened it to the public. Oh! they do sell delicious sweets and hopia perfect for souvenirs or "pasalubong".
 Wishing that we could have a house like this!
 We heart you!
Sting summoning his frog friends, Naruto style!hehe
I'm getting hungry looking at those delicious mini cakes
 You might ask, whats wrong with this guy? Well baker's hill also sells Tamilok which are wood worms from mangrove trees. (For video on the Tamilok experience click here)It is one of the local delicacies of Palawan and the guys really wanted to try it. Turns out among the guys, only Sting likes it, the other guys almost threw up.haha I'm so lucky to have such a manly boyfriend (swoon).haha I bet he was just putting a brave face for me, but I did commend him for swallowing three of those eeky worms. Eeeeek >_<
Last stop, Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center or most popularly called the Crocodile farm.
 This is the skeleton of the largest salt water crocodile rescued in the Philippines before "Lolong" was discovered.  Trivia for you, only baby crocodile (age 1 to 3) skins are used to make leather accessories because their skin are still soft and easier to mold compared to the adult crocodiles. 
 During the tour, I was wondering what would happen if all those crocodiles were loose in the wild. I better not think about it...  (shudders)
Sting with his new pet! Since it was scary to take a pictures with the crocs we just went for this cute furry friend. Don't be fooled he was quite heavy!
We were finally able to sample the famous Chaolong from Rene's Saigon. I concur with everybody that says this place serves the best Chaolong in Puerto Princessa so if you can, you should definitely go here. 

I took a lot of video footage during our trip but I find that at the moment I have no time to really sit down and edit them. But, I promise once I catch a break from work and my hectic life right now I'll definitely post it here. Watch our for it. Until next time, bye!

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  1. Awesome pictures from your trip!

    Oh my gosh... I can hardly look at those wood worms... I'd never be able to eat one! *shudder*


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