Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hair-tastic Haul

It is not even a week since my last shopping trip, yet again I went on another shopping trip now with my boyfriend to purchase tons of hair products. This trip was triggered by these pictures that I found whilst I was looking for a some hairstyles that I could do for an upcoming wedding event that I'm attending.

I love the scrunchy and somewhat curly and spiky part of these hairstyles. I have almost the same haircut minus the fringe so I really want to try and re-create it.

As soon as I saw the pictures, I felt a desperate need to get styling tools and hair products. So my boyfriend and I went to our local mall and picked-up some hair tools and products in our drugstore.

I got a Turbo Hair Dryer 1000 in the color red for about ($10). It has two heat setting, low for styling and high for drying. I like it because it is inexpensive, can run with 115/230 V (1000 watts), compact and lightweight really good for traveling.

I got Watsons slim ceramic hair straightener for ($18). The styling tools I got were inexpensive drugstore ones because I'm just starting to get into hairstyling and if I get the hang of it then maybe I'll get the expensive ones. It would be bad if I get expensive tools when I'm crappy at doing hairstyles.

For hair products, the choices at the drugstore is quite limited and they don't have heat protectant so I just got some hair styling products and haircare products.

For styling I got a Bench FIX professional clay doh (Molding clay) 25g for ($1). I only got the small tub to try out and it says it is for matte and tousled look. Molding clay are great for doing the spiky hairstyle.

I also got FINESSE Self Adjusting Extra Hold Hairspray 7 OZ for ($7). I picked this hairspray because it does not smell offensive unlike other hair spays and it is also not sticky. This hairspray also contains Silk and Soy proteins that protect hair with a coat of conditioning and shine.

I got a couple of Hair Treats hair shine for shine and silky smooth hair look. It was also on offer when I went for check-out for ($5).

Since I am going to apply heat and other styling products on my hair, I decided to get some haircare products to somehow lessen the damage of my hair.

I got the Ellips Hair Vitamin with jojoba oil for ($1). You use one capsule after you take a shower and apply it to half dried hair and let it dry. It has UV protection, vitamins A, C, E and Pro vitamin B5 that helps damaged hair structure and reduces split end caused by hair blow drying, color dying, and hair styling.

Last is the Pantene Pro-V Night Miracle leave on creme serum for ($7). It claims to give 8 hours continuous repair as you sleep. First impression of this product is not greasy and it smells amazing. It has a lightweight formula that is quickly absorbed by the hair.

I'm excited to try out these products and see if the products is as good as what they claim to be. Upon first impression of the items that I bought, I think some items are promising enough that it will maybe make it to my IN list for January 2012.

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