Thursday, January 5, 2012

December 2011 IN and OUT


♥ Christmas Sales

♥ Opening Christmas presents and spending time with family

♥ My silver locket that I got from my boyfriend
Photobucket♥new tripod that my boyfriend got me

♥Palmer's body lotion

♥ glitter nail polishes
Photobucket♥new nephew named Daniel Andrew - my cousin gave birth last December 28, 2011

♥ LA girl professional concealer

♥ Revlon translucent powder

♥baby wipes for removing my make-up because I'm so lazy

♥Gray little organizer


☠ Typhoon Sendong - the typhoon that hit my city a week before Christmas that killed thousands of people and destroyed millions worth of properties. People in my city was not in a very festive mood after that incident.

☠ Stila smudge pot - I was trying to revive it as part of my project 10 pan but its just so hard to work with the product after it started drying up.

☠No water - since the typhoon we haven't had water for weeks so we had to line-up for water supply every time a firetruck would come to deliver water which was a total chaos.

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