Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day before my birthday!

It is about 1 am and I'm still wide awake, I'm too excited to fall asleep. My birthday happens to co-inside with the feast of our city, so every year when my birthday comes around the city will be full of decorations and there are always parades, carnivals, sales on all the malls and some other fun things to do. We got back around 11 pm from the mall where I did some pre-birthday shopping and we watched the fireworks competition. I got myself thinking that I'm going be a year older tomorrow and I just hope that I will have another great year. I enjoyed being 24 and I'm a little scared of growing old but hey what can I do the fact is we all grow old. I realized that I can't stop time but I can make the most of it. I should get my priorities straight and really start cracking on with my bucket list. There are things in my life at the moment that I'm anxious about but I think for my 25th year I should just be brave and face everything head on and regret nothing. So for now I'll say goodbye to my 24 y.o. self and I'll gladly welcome a new chapter in my life. I shall enjoy myself in the upcoming year. Lots of love! >_<

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