Thursday, August 25, 2011


It is really true that after you turn 18 the years go by really fast. I could still remember my 18th birthday as if its was yesterday and now I'm turning 25 this coming August 29. My 18th birthday was extreemly special and such a fun time but that would be in a separate blog post. Thinking about it makes me giddy.

♥ Well I have done the all about me tag but those questions were pre-selected and it does give me much liberty to share things about myself. So for my 25th birthday I would share 25 facts about me that only a few of my friends know >_<

♥ The facts will not follow any order since I'll just write the first things that comes to mind.

1. I can tell from which part of my life I have met/encountered the person just by the way they say my name. I have so many different names/nicknames that's it funny sometimes especially on special occasions that the people I have known in my lifetime meet. So my parents and close relatives call me "Joy", "Joy-joy" or "Ate Joy", then my elementary/primary school friends call me "Christine Joy", my high school and college friend calls me by family name or my nickname"CJ", my co-workers and clients call me "Christine", one of my closest cousin calls me "Monster" which is the same name I call her and finally my boyfriend calls me "Mui". Other names used by my parents when they are mad at me is "Christina", "Marika" or "Tirang".

2. I have hypothyroid. I got diagnosed when I was about 20 yo.

3. I have a younger brother 2 years younger than me.

4. My closest friends are mostly guys. If you have seen my Singapore post you can see some of my good guy friends.

5. My best friend is my boyfriend who is also my childhood friend and crush.

6. I only started to wear make-up right after I graduated from University and started working.

7. I became interested in make-up right after I found the videos of elle and blair and other beauty gurus on YouTube. Up to this day I still watch beauty videos.

8. I have a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Masters degree in Business Administration.

9. I plan to work and probably live abroad if permitted.

10. I took ballet and piano lessons when was young but I nothing to show for it.

11. I also took guitar lessons 2 summers ago but I stopped because I can't concentrate. My teacher was a young and handsome guy about 3 years my senior and it made me self conscious. If they have given me a older and unattractive teacher then I might have continued my lessons and became a rock star by now.hehe

12. I only got "F" mark once in my life. I was so devastated, it was during University where almost all of the class got a failing grade for that subject.

13. My favorite number is 9.

14. Two of my favorite colors are Red and Yellow.

15. Most of my clothes are in black, grey and brown. I don't why I just like the way the color looks on me.

16. In every year my birthday falls on the same day of the week as my boyfriend's birthday. This year our birthday falls on a Monday.

17. My favorite food is pizza and Buffalo chicken wings.

18. I name most of my special things. Ex: My Macbook is named "Wallie", my camera is named "Ice" and my piggy bank is named "Kuss-Kuss".

19. I am Imeldific when it comes to shoes, I am obsessed with shoes, I especially love high heels.

20. I love reading and collecting books. I am currently reading "Poor Little Bitch Girl" by Jackie Collins. Favorite book so far is the "Hunger Games Trilogy".

21. If given the option to work or go to school, I'd rather go to school and study than work. I'm a dork!

22. I also love collecting any type of pens. I love using them and writing list. I'm a avid list maker.

23. My favorite TV show is CSI and America's Next Top Model.

24. I have a vision board and I truly believe in the power of attraction.

25. Every year I always wish for the same thing for my birthday.

So that's all maybe when I turn 26 I could I silly fact about me. Hmmmm we will see.

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