Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dinner at Teriyaki Boy 08.20.11

The look on Sting's face after the meal... I think he has a tummy ache >.<

It was our 4 years and 8 months anniversary yesterday and we went to dinner after I did some shopping at the mall where my boyfriend "Sting" worked and we decided to try out this Japanese restaurant (or at least I think its Japanese) called Teriyaki Boy. My boyfriend picked the place since he want to try something new but I was in the mood for pizza. So we went in and looked at their menu. The food looked great so we decided to stay however, we did not take into account if we like the taste of Japanese food. We ordered 4 dishes, "kani" salad, their version of buffalo chicken, teriyaki boy chicken and breaded pork with teriyaki sauce. Let me tell you I only liked the teriyaki boy chicken and the rest was okay but the salad made me loose my appetite. I think without the salad we would have enjoyed meal more. The service however was excellent especially the guy named "Jade" very accommodating. Sting got a tummy ache after and swore never to go back to that place. He now calls it "Teri-yuckkeee".lol

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