Saturday, August 13, 2011

Singapore Trip August 3-8, 2011

Picture before boarding plane going to Singapore

Picture of me with "Merlion" in Marina Bay which we stupidly called "Merloin"

Pictures at Universal Studios and Clarke Quay

Last week we just came back from out Singpore trip with my guy friends. I say guy friends because there are 5 of us and I'm the only girl going on the trip with them. It was our 2nd trip outside of the country the first one was on June of 2010 where we went to Hongkong (separate blogpost will be made for HK trip).

We booked our tickets for the Singapore trip one year ago when we just got back from our Hong Kong trip so we have something to look forward in 2011 and it turns out the guys are planning to apply for working/student visa for New Zealand so planning for the SG trip was not the priority. The guys was not really sure if they would push through with the trip because they finances were tied to the agency fees and all the medical examinations needed for the Visa. Also my boyfriend was suppose to be with us in the trip but he just got recently employed as a resident engineer in one of the biggest malls here in my city so he was not allowed to take a leave of absence which sucks. I almost went mental on him for not coming. It was suppose to be our 1st trip abroad together but whatever i had a blast there without him. >_<

But in the end with only one more week before the trip the guys decided to go through with the trip. One of my guy friends (Chaky) called in sick to work just to come with us. With little preparation time and money we booked for a cheap hostel packed our bags and off we went to Singapore. We had no problems in the immigration interview well except for Chaky he got stuck with the immigration supervisor and was asked a lot of questions but in the end we passed. We stayed at our hostel for about one night because our high school classmate who is working at Singapore offered to let us stay in his condo because his roommates went home and he had 3 rooms available for us to crash in which was awesome. Alvin was our savior in Singapore so we now had free accommodations, free breakfast and sometimes free dinner. We were practically freeloaders there. During the weekdays when Alvin had to work we explored the city and went to malls and visited touristy places and in the weekends all of us went to Universal Studios and experienced the night life in Clarke Quay. We met old friends there and Amor the girlfriend of one of the guys (Dixon), who also worked in Singapore. They showed us around in their free time and accompanied us to Sentosa on the weekends. I had so much fun thanks to the guys and hospitality of Alvin, Amor and Amor's friends who gave us free tickets to watch a super expensive show in Resorts World. We were in such high spirits when we got on the plane black to Philippines and we decided that our next trip in 2012 will be to Thailand.

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