Monday, December 24, 2012

DBP 2012 RMC NM Christmas Party

 Posing while waiting for the others to finish up and join us at practice.
Practicing the hat exchange.
We kinda looked good in those boots and cowboy hats!

The day of the Party:
Arrived late and the place was already packed with people.
We were able to squeeze in Ma'am Heide's table!
DBP Cagayan de Oro Branch gave a song rendition to the retirees. We sang an old song entitled "I'll be seeing you". 
Mia and I led the retirees and the Branch Managers in the Line dance to the tune of Gangnam Style.
Photo taken during the awarding of the Christmas presentation contest winners. Cagayan de Oro Branch got first prize. You may wonder why Mia and I are not wearing the same outfits as the others. Well, we had our own intermission number after so we had to slip into something more comfortable.
The dance was not perfect but we had fun!
The party was a success and here were taking last photo before we head on home. Photo with the these amazing people from left to right we have Sir Arvin (party's designated MC), Sir Chavez (our new RMC Head), Sir Tonio (party's designated DJ), Mia and I, and finally Winston (alternate MC of the party.)

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  1. What a fun party! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!


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