Monday, December 24, 2012

7th Year Anniversary Celebration with Sting

Last December 20th, Sting and I celebrated our 7th year together. We knew each other since we were about 5 or 6 y.o I'm not really sure but we go way way back. I'm happy that we are still together and I hope we continue to be happy in the future. 

 We went to Countryside Steakhouse for dinner and we had such a nice time. The place has this cozy vibe and there were not a lot of people there at the time so we felt like we had the place all to ourselves. We talked for hours, ate good food, exchanged gifts and laughed at our silly jokes. We were like old friends catching up. 
 Cowboy Style Steak
 Roast Beef with mash potato on the side
 The food was delicious. We had a full course meal and I think that we had ordered a bit too much.  After dinner I feel like my tummy was going to burst.he he But I definitely love the food and the place. 
 Sting had a lot of fun remembering and guessing when and were the pictures were taken. He wants to receive another one next year,* pats myself on back*. he he I did good if I do say so myself.
 At first he thought that's all he got, but when he read the card he had this huge grin on his face because I said that I'm gonna take him shopping for a new watch and dinner after. He was so cute!
 Hmmm what could it be?
He got me an Ipod nano 6th generation. I really love it! He knew how I love listening to music when I'm alone and doing shopping and he decided to get me a new Ipod. I can also use the Ipod as my new fashionable hot pink wrist watch. I really love this present. 

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