Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oro Bankers Christmas Party 2012

Every year the Oro Bankers celebrate its Christmas party early December and this year was on December 7, 2012 and the theme was Hawaiian Luau.
 Most of the bankers came to party all dressed up in their cool beach attire but for those who have no time to prepare we just put on any dress that has a flower print on it and put a couple of flowers in our hair then voila were ready.
Posing in front of our small office Christmas tree.
Floral dress... check... Flower accessories... check... makeup... check. Were ready!
 The venue for this year party was the Grand Caprice Ballroom.
MUST dance troupe
 MUST male dancers in grass skirts.
All smiles
Senator Jinggoy Estrada for the nights keynote speaker
Incoming and outgoing Oro bankers president handing out the plaque of appreciation to the senator. Outgoing Oro bankers president Manager Shirley Mae Serate shaking hands with senator Jinggoy.
Wealth bank dance presentation
I received cookies from the Wealth bank dancers. So happy!
Special dance number from the Metrobank dancers.
If there are dancers, then surely you have supportive Metrobank paparazzi.
Oro Bankers Officers dance presentation
Oh whats this I see, the dance instructor cueing the moves to the dancers.
Male officers whipping some sting and ribbons around. It reminds me of fire dancing in Boracay minus the fire.
Oh the props got tangled!hehe
Manager Shirley taking the lead.
DBP Corrales Branch representatives. 
On the dance floor for the most awaited Christmas raffle
 Meet my new friend Kaycee
I can't believe it I won something from the Christmas raffle. I was aiming for the Flat screen TV but I'm happy I won one of cash prices. Oh by the way I have no idea who the guy in the background is.haha


  1. The Hawaiian Luau theme looked so awesome! I loved your dress and matching flowers in your hair, gorgeous.


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