Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Booked: Current Kindle Reads

Ever since I got my kindle, I was totally excited and happy that I spend most of my free time reading books on it. In fact I've already finished two books and I'm about half way through my 3rd book.

I downloaded the whole Percy Jackson series because I was always been fascinated with the Greek Gods and Goddesses and I saw the movie before and it made me really want to read the books. As usual the book was so much better than the movie which is why I always want to read the books first before seeing the movie. There were so many important parts that were not included in the movie which was somewhat disappointing but that how it goes usually. This book was so so good! I love reading it with my kindle because whenever I encountered a word that I don't know I can immediately look it up just by touching that word for about 2 seconds and the dictionary would immediately pop up. 

I am a huge house of night fan. I immediately downloaded a copy of this book once I found that it was already out. I really got into reading this book and this booked made me feel really happy and pissed at the same time. I was really into it that it affected me when Erin (the fledgling with water affinity) betrayed her friends. Well, if you followed this series that you will know who I'm talking about. There was a lot of characters changing sides and this book was really all about the Aurox (the bull or beast boy) finding himself.  In the end he found out well they all found out that he has Heath's soul through the ancient magic of the Seer stone.  I was happy of course that Aurox and Zoey's team defeated the evil Neferet but since Neferet turned immortal I don't think that was the end of her. She did disappear into a million spiders and scattered but I think she will be back to seek revenge. I was glad that this time no body had to die and it seemed that Zoey and the rest of her gang are more aware of how to use their Nyx given gifts.

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